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Monteen McCord

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I don't think I've posted any photographs since my Red-tailed hawk died in December. She was eighteen and a half years old and we were together for over 16 years. We had a relationship that was very special, so I have been very sad; I just sort of shut down for a while. I had her mounted so she is atill able to teach, but it took me a while to get used to her having her molecules rearranged. I can still kiss her on the beak and put my arms around her every day like I did every day of her life with me. Here is Momma giving her the once over after I first brought Mina home from the taxidermist.

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  • Sally Dunn 21/05/2009 18:29

    Gosh, how very painful for you, it takes time to work through it but it is never something you completely get over after being together for that length of time. I bet you had mixed feelings bringing her back home from the taxidermist. Sending you warm wishes.
    Sally Dunn
  • Lockhear 20/05/2009 21:42

    Life is sometimes so cruel.... time is merciless. I am so sad for your friend...
  • decay 20/05/2009 16:48

  • Diana Ullmann 20/05/2009 13:48

    Wonderful photo with 2 beautiful animals!