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  • Tony AKa fototaker 26/08/2008 19:12

    i like this pix too, BUT don't like it also... i like the backlighting as i do that too, but don't like the details of her forehead which distract. still, it's a very pretty face but perhaps a different angle?
  • Razvan I. 28/09/2005 3:26

    very nice.
    love the glow / lights
  • John Bennett 05/05/2005 20:31

    How did you get your exposure for this shot, I like doing portaits myself but I'm never quiet sure how to go about doing these moody pictures.
  • John Bennett 29/04/2005 22:54

    I love this shot, very mooooody. All would have been lost if this was in colour.
  • Patrick de Warren 02/04/2005 8:09

    very cinematic image..

    cool !
  • Tony AKa fototaker 27/03/2005 12:26

    nice, but i think the closeness of the face to the camera is OvERwhelming, thus it makes everything look odd. still a great pix and my fave among all in your portraits section
  • Richard Overtoom 02/03/2005 1:05

    i like it too, as a matter of fact i love it!!!
  • Torse Tabletop 01/03/2005 6:42

    hmm......i like it.... and i like it not. cant tell u why i don't like it but thats how a photo should be in my opinion.... if that feeling appears in me while watching a photo, i would say: good photo.......:-)