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Glacier du Tacul and les Drus

Glacier du Tacul and les Drus

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Marit Hansson

Free Account, Lund

Glacier du Tacul and les Drus

Taken from the panoramic cable-car that runs at high altitude over a giant glacier between Chamonix and Italy. Breathtaking beauty and complete silence.

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  • Doug Hough 26/11/2006 22:47

    Lovely composition and colors, what a view! Well done!
  • Marit Beckmann 23/06/2006 0:32

    Mycket bra...naturens kraft kommer tydligt frem ...farverne og lyset er bare perfekt !
    Hilsen Marit
  • Exceeding Eyes 02/04/2006 13:34

    What a beautiful picture....a great view from the top...
    Greetings from Susan
  • Frank Pieser 31/12/2005 0:38

    Nice picture,i like this view from the top of the top point!
    a good area for snowboarding,i think....i like visit it soon..

    Great´s from german...frank
  • Filip Wieme 28/11/2005 17:10

    One of the most beautiful landscapes I know, when you are sitting in the Heilbronner lift. I had the immense privilege to ski down the part you photographed. Bliss from start to finish!!
  • °°° celle °°° 31/10/2005 18:51

    very, very greaaaaat view....
    and well spotted
    thanks for the pic, marit
  • † wovo 31/10/2005 17:26

    most beautful mountains - excellent sight and excellent light conditions.
  • Marit Hansson 31/10/2005 13:03

    Thanks a lot, guys :-)

    That's part of the glacier, John. If I remember correctly the ice moves with different speeds at different times of the year and that produces the difference in colour, a bit like the rings on a tree.
  • John Bennett 31/10/2005 12:45

    A beautiful picture Marit, well taken. That rippling effect in the snow at the bottom of the valley is that a sign of a recent avalanche?.
  • Cees Kuijs 31/10/2005 11:42

    Great view on top of the world. Beautiful contrast.
    Greetings, Cees
  • Dominic Falcone 30/10/2005 23:43

    Fantastic and dramatic panorama of a wonderful part of the world.
    good work Marit!!