American Bullfrog (male)

American Bullfrog (male)

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Monteen McCord

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American Bullfrog (male)

My northern relative exclaimed, "It looks like he has a life saver taped to the side of his head!"

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  • Lockhear 07/10/2007 16:21

    :D :D :D Monteen - you have the best comments on FC!! You should be the admin! :)))
  • Monteen McCord 07/10/2007 15:30

    @Gerryj - They were going to eat them! Just the legs, tho... I would hope at least they would give them wheelchairs so they would be able to park in the handicap zones... :-) ....m.
  • Gerryj 07/10/2007 7:15

    Good for you, Monteen. How sad that people want to kill little creatures just for the "fun" of it.
  • Monteen McCord 06/10/2007 15:45

    @Gerryj - Speaking of targets, when I had my DSL line installed the telephone people had to come out to do some work. When the man finished and was about to leave, he knocked on the door and said, "Hey, do you mind if I go 'gigging' in you pond?" "NO", was my stern reply! "These are my pets!"
  • Lockhear 06/10/2007 7:41

    Interesting - this white circle by the eye - is some kind of ear? Strange.... hmmmm
  • Gerryj 06/10/2007 6:56

    A llife saver or a target! Cute little guy.