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Monteen McCord

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Mr. and Mrs.

Mr. and Mrs. Tree Frog out for a stroll, OR could be a gay couple. I cannot tell!

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  • Monteen McCord 16/02/2008 20:50

    @Martial01...like I said, they could be gay for all I know. Maybe the one with the most warts is the male. :-)
  • Martial01 16/02/2008 17:56

    Where do you know it is a Mr and Mrs? :))))
    They are wonderful looking froggies although. :))
  • Andrej Nagode 06/10/2007 17:23

    :-)))))))) I cannot stop smileing. Great stories!
    Best wishes,
  • Lockhear 06/10/2007 7:42

    Gay couple :D :D :D. Good one! Maybe they are on the way to barber shop. :)