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I am interested in many genres of photgraphy and especially landscapes which I sometimes try to resemble a painting.I am based in Norwich ,so the local countryside is rather flat , but there are still opportunities to exploit.

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  • shaft798 25/02/2019 20:46

    Good pictures Steve

    Any pictures of that guitar?

    John Weston
  • Glenn Capers 09/10/2013 17:48

    nice work it is like man's creation for a space station.
  • Nicholas Buttle 13/01/2008 3:16

    i am from norwich and have had a look at your photos. every one of them are interesting to look at. i have only just started getting into landscape but have been doing a bit better a wildlife and aviation. enjoyed all your photos.
    regards nick
  • Phillip Marco Vallentin 09/01/2006 5:54

    Hello Steven.
    Great work - I really like it ;-)
  • John Barnett 14/10/2005 3:46

    I like your work. Excellent compositions and beautiful models. Keep it up!
  • 1 Marc 25/08/2005 2:55

    Hi Steven,
    congratulate to your photos. You have a good photo style.
    Nice regards
    the night is near
    the night is near
    1 Marc
  • Dana Jeandron 13/08/2005 3:16

    Took a stroll through your photos...Wow!! What a fantastic photographer you are!
  • Hans Frechen 14/05/2005 14:58

    Great, you have allways good Colors.
    greetings from Berlin
  • Sarndra 12/02/2005 11:43

    Such vivid colours! I love your style! No problem re the name.. i spelt it wrong in the first place!!!!
  • Anastasya I. 02/02/2005 3:43

    Hello, Steven:
    Thanks for your nice comment!
    I add you to buddies for your more great works later on!!
    LG Ana
  • Nicola Fernandes 25/01/2005 17:26

    Hi steven, I too am from Norwich, welcome to the community. I love your Images.
  • Stuart Borland 24/01/2005 13:40

    Thanks for comments on my pic. Don't use raw very often - I use 256 and 512mb cards and raw is memory intensive. cheers
  • Irina No 14/12/2004 12:50

    Hello Steven)
    Thanx for your comment!
    I wish u good luck!
  • Hudson Valley 13/12/2004 16:18

    Hi Steven

    Really nice to meet you.
    Some lovely people on fc..enjoy!

  • Elaine Liebenbaum 02/11/2004 0:21

    Hello Steven and welcome to the fotocommunity.
    I really hope you find this place as exciting as I do. Exchanging ideas and comments as well as photos.
    have fun
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