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Hi there - my name is Marco.
I am based in the Malmoe/Copenhagen-area in Scandinavia.

My prime genres are Femme Fatale, Diva, Burlesque, Glamour and Fetish Fashion. But I also shoot non-erotic images; Real Estate, Food & Street Wear Clothing.

My first publication was back in 1985, for the Danish magazine "Ny Elektronik"
( - a report from the DIFA exhibition in Essen, Germany),
but I have enjoyed shooting since I was a kid :

My very first "camera", was a Kodak Instamatic !
Later I was given an old Zeiss-Ikon fold-out piece of antique,
processed my b/w films in a Patterson tank in our bathroom,
and blev up my hopeless "disasters" with an Opemus 6.

Later I became a "Canon-man", using the AE-1, EOS RT, 20D,
40D, 5D and these days the 5D Mk2.

Filmwise, my favorites always were Kodacrome64 and Fuji RDP.

After entering the digital world ( - of unsharp images, narrow lattitude, and almost hysterical sensitve highlights!), I have resently returned to shooting film - parallel to my digital work - but today on slightly larger formats;
Mamiya 645 / RB67 / RZ67Pro2
& the magnificent (though HEAVY!) Fuji RX680 mk.3.

In January 2008 I became a part of Second Floor Studio,
a large professional studio in heart of Copenhagens Nørrebro districkt.

Since the summer of 2008, I have also enjoyed shooting on Hasselblads H3DII/31 medium format digital platform.
I also like LEAF for it's rotable sensor !

I am a personal member of
The Society of Danish Photography (SDF),
[ - who are the Danish divison of
Federation Internationale De L'Art Photopgraphique (FIAP) ],
and an Associate member of The Audio Engineering Society (AES).

My work has been published in:
Ny Elektronik,
Dark Spy Magazine
The London Fetish Map,
Skin Two ...

My clients include:
Brandcuts (DK),
Godske Simonsen Fur (DK),
Berglund of Copenhagen (INT),
Heiwa (Japan),
Converto Group (DK),
Manifest (DK),
Roclan Clothing Company (DK),
Etxea Erasmus Executive Guest Suites (NL),
House of Bias (USA),
Pressure Corsets (NL),
7th Heaven Nightclub (DK)
- and the worlds largest fetish label:
DeMask (INT).

I do both studio and (inside-) location work,
but not TOO much outside location - yet...

I also invent new products for the foto / film industry:
At the recent FotoKina in Köln, California Sunbouce presented a new product that I have developed in collaboration with Wolfgang Peter Geller;
The "Sun-Strip":

If you appreciate my photographic style and the hours and calories
that both my models and I myself invest in creating our work,
then please write us a small comment ;-)

Thank you, for taking your time to study my work ;-)


A few of my favorite light / foto quotes:

" In college I begand thinking;
' any asshole can point a camera at a naked woman ? '.
I wanted to do someting more..."
(Jeremy MF Thompson")

"With post-capture digital imaging techniques,
everyone’s images are looking the same,
especially to the untrained eye.
The way photographers will differentiate themselves from the competition in the future
will be through pre-capture techniques more than post-capture manipulation."
(Ed Pierce)

"Dramatic pictures are only on rare occasions the result of enough luck to compensate for craft ignorance."
( Ross Lowell)

"Light is more complex than one thinks..."
(Horst P. Horst)

"Light has to be understood,
before one can begin to control the end result in your photography"
(Photographer David Bailey)

"Lighting is half art, and half science."
(Bill Hurter, editor of "Rangefinder" and "Focus on Imaging" magazines)

"Light - and Attitude"
(Playboy Photographer Stephen Wayda)

"I would never EVER photograph a completely naked woman"
(photographer Eric Kroll)

"I prefer the idea of dressing for sex,
rather than undressing"
(fellow DeMask photographer Trevor Watson)

"I'm always learning."
(Michelangelo 1475 > 1564)

In one of Absolute Dannys previous catalogues,
owner/founder Danny Linden
once wrote this about the talented French fetishphotographer
Christophe Mourthe:

"He has the abillity, to transform ordinary women,
into godesses from another planet..."

That's a nice compliment ! - and also my ambition as a photographer ;-)

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  • Golesorkh 30/07/2009 18:20

    Hi marco, very nice photo, everything is perfect on your shoots. thanks for sharing :-)
  • Max Giorgetta 27/07/2009 10:15

    Compliments, for your great portfolio. ciao
  • bt-wom 14/07/2009 16:18

    Great pictures!
  • Brian Cathie 14/07/2009 12:32

    Fantastic gallery, stunning images!
    Your work is top class

  • photohai 18/04/2009 20:12

    Hallo Phillip,
    es macht richtig Spass bei Dir zu stöbern.
    Jedes Bild von Dir ist ein wahrer Augenschmaus.
    All Deine Bilder sind sind absolut sehenswert.
    Mach weiter so, ich schaue öfter bei Dir rein.
  • Max Giorgetta 10/04/2009 10:32

    Wow your photos, are a great shoots.
  • Ayrton08 10/04/2009 10:12

    Hi Mark, your photos are beautiful, you would add to friends so I can see your latest creations.
  • Micha W. 01/02/2009 9:53

    I can only join the other. Very nice pic´s.

    Greetings from Halver/Germany

  • Toxica 24/11/2007 11:05

    Very nice fetish pics!!!!!!
  • Gregor Marx 04/10/2007 0:25

    You've got the hottest portfolio....lovin it!
    keep in touch
    loveandrespect from Solingen
  • Volker Hilbrich Fine Art Photography 12/08/2007 1:46

    thank you for your comments.
    Your photos are also very good.

    greetings from Germany

  • Ronny Thiele 28/05/2007 2:53

    wish you all the best my friend - hope we see us soon
  • devil-di 15/07/2006 20:18

    what a great gallery of pics !!

    greets di
  • Nina C. 22/06/2006 18:57

    Great and very expressive photos, nice style.
    All the best, Nina
  • Phillip Marco Vallentin 17/06/2006 12:27

    How could I forget you Emma Lee ;-)
    Thanks for your message, and for a SUPER session in Haarlem. I had a GREAT time working with all of you; a true "dream-team". We will definitely meet again soon - perhaps at the shoot in Hamburg?
    Take care, and best regards to you, Claudia & Ronny.
    Best regards,