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  • Paloma Rey 15/11/2006 20:14

    hey jorge...komostas...;-)
    i just watched some of your pics...n me gusta mucho!
    some nice pictures...creo tienes "the view"...;-)

    bueno, muchos saludos, de la cabrona con espanol muy horror...;-)

  • John Bennett 13/06/2005 20:31

    Thanks Jorge, for your comments on "Heat"much appreciated.
  • Robert L. Roux 14/05/2005 5:15

    Great pictures, Buddy
  • Josep A. Collado 03/05/2005 6:49

    Muchas gracias, Jorge, por los recientes comentarios en mis fotos.
    Saludos desde València
    Josep Antoni
    Josep A. Collado

  • Irina No 02/05/2005 21:17

    Hello Jorge)
    Thanx for your comment)
    Take care))
  • Mariam Villalba 02/05/2005 6:40

    thank you again jorg spikin spanish?
    hablas español ?

    saludos mariano villalba
  • Angel Pena 01/05/2005 17:29

    Strong porfolio ! Thanks for your comment ! You have been buddied.
  • Visiones de vida. 30/04/2005 5:14

    Jorge,...thank kindly for your comment on my image...hope you are enjoying this site, this is great community and as you can tell we all have the same passion for photography!...

    ...and same goes here Jorge,..I love constructive critic, feel free to share,...thats the only way to learn..

    I hope to see more of your yellow button on!

    Big hugs from Texas,

  • Anastasiya Ivanova 18/04/2005 14:57

    Hello Jorge:
    Thanks so much for your nice comment for my work! :)
    Greeting from Russia
  • Pamela W.. 11/04/2005 15:13

    I like your work too. Some of the pictures looks like paintings, and not in a negative way!..:)

  • Martin Brückner 10/04/2005 9:17

    hola jorge ,

    i just had a look at your pic's and they're great , most of them . i like a lot this one with the ligths in the las vegas bar , thats great . by the way i'm also using a oly e300 since some weeks .

    saludos de würzburg/alemania
    .... y gracias por tu comentario por "red ligth"
  • Alison Visona 08/04/2005 5:14

    Hey Jorge,
    Thanks for your comment...I enjoyed your work & nice profile pic!
  • Molly Moore 05/04/2005 18:38

    hi ya !
    gracias for your comments :)
  • Ektor Coughanour 02/04/2005 13:34

    Jorge, gracias por tus comentarios, no te preocupes por tu español, lo escribes muy bien...un saludo desde Juárez México y continua disparando esa cámara!!
  • Will Hayward 01/04/2005 12:07

    Thanks for the comment so quickly.
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