Will Hayward

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About me

My inspiration was reading national geographic magazines.

My favourite things to shoot is anything and anywhere. I specialize in live band photography and I am begining some studio/still life work.

I use an older Canon EOS Rebel G with the original 35-80mm Lense. I often carry with me my Vivitar 728 Flash, with a 3 ft (1m) cord, and use a tripod for still life shots.

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  • Will Hayward 02/04/2005 23:46

    Well heres for all you who wanted more, I get to upload two more today.
  • Liz M 02/04/2005 10:42

    hi will
    nice profile photo, i read your profile, you are doing exactly what i want to do, i love music and going to see bands and im in love with photography and its a dream of mine to combine the two. you have really Great photos, and i cant wait to see more.
  • Will Hayward 01/04/2005 23:36

    Haha. You win 5 points.
  • Jordan Shepler 01/04/2005 23:00

    Yes!!! Yet again I am the first to post in someone's profile... Ya, so hope you will begin to love FC, and even become addicted like the rest of us.
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