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I have enjoyed photography for many years but only REALLY started taking photos much more often in the last three years (with the explosion popularity of digital cameras).
My favorite theme is Landscape but I also enjoy taking pictures on the fly, in a hurry, or last minute. If I see something that catches my eye that to me makes good or interesting composition, I will take a picture. What is most interesting about that is that I have found that most of my work has been shot with my less expensive (EASY TO CARRY when running and or hiking) cameras! ... and I own a digital SLR!!?
I take criticism well, so PLEASE FEEL FREE TO BE CRITICAL IN YOUR COMMENTS. I want to learn! I feel this is what is great about FotoCommunity.

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  • Patrick B. Parenteau 14/03/2006 21:27

    Greeting from Canada,
    I've just gone through your portfolio of work and I shows a man with a real passion for life. Keep up the good work.
  • Cindy Martin 09/09/2005 2:03

    thanks so much for the nice comment on Ship Ahoy.
    you have a fantastic collection yourself..cindy
  • Sabrina Drees 12/05/2005 12:06

    Thanks to your comment for my picture

    Puerto Morelos (Mexico)
    Puerto Morelos (Mexico)
    Sabrina Drees

    Greets from Germany Sabrina
  • Anastasiya Ivanova 26/04/2005 3:21

    Hello Hector:
    Thank you so much for your kompliments! I wish I would have a visit in America, (em..if I could)....
    good luck and have a wonderful journey!
    Greeting from Russia
  • Jenn Reid 25/04/2005 23:53

    Hi Hector,

    Thank you for your comment on my photo of "the orchard". Much like you I enjoy learning about photography and I am just starting out. Your comments are very helpful.

    Keep up the good work! Your pictures are wonderful.

    Greatings from Canada,

  • Deborah Hangartner 22/04/2005 22:53

    Hiya Hector! Enjoying the weather down there, I see. Just dropped in to see your most recent pix and to say 'hi'! Great work!
  • Eugene Barabanschikov 21/04/2005 15:18

    Hi Hector! Thank you for your comment. You are right - it's Photoshop, but it's not difficult how it looks. I used the standart background of PS and some filters to make a sphere. That's all. Sometimes I use my own background from my another commercial pic. For example it's maybe a wig :) The world is existing for the experiments. Thank you! Nice nature! Good luck!
  • BRENDA HERNANDEZ 13/04/2005 20:06

    Hello Hector,
    Thank you for your nice comments..I'm also new to the photpgraphy scene and take pictures of whatever catches my eye. I love your pic's, I really love the "Driving under the Plams" pic!
  • Anastasya I. 10/02/2005 6:37

    Hello, Hector:
    Thank you for your message, I will keep it till Nicolà is back.
    Nice to meet you here, It's a pleasure to visit your site!

    Greet from Russia
  • Hudson Valley 05/02/2005 4:28

    Hi Hector..thanks for your hint!
    Welcome in fc.

  • Margaux Sahlman 04/02/2005 22:48

    Thank you for your comments!
    they are much appreciated ^_^!
    You have awesome photos, the composition is intresting in everyone they're great!!!
    Again thanks for stopping by.
  • Regina Ray 27/01/2005 13:00

    hey you have great shots there!
  • Regina Ray 27/01/2005 12:57

    nice profile photo :))))!
    thanks for your comments!
  • steffen s... 15/01/2005 15:03

    great profile foto
    thanks for comments - so long - ciao
  • Susanne King 12/01/2005 1:36

    Hey Hector!
    First I thank you! I am happy that you like my pix!
    Also I wanna welcome you to the fc and hope to see great pics from you! Your first 2 are already great!
    Best wishes Susanne
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