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I love my Canon Digital Rebel. I have only stared shooting with it in the last few years . I have always loved taking pictures but with with the digital cameras i find it much more interesting and FUN.
I love the critiqing and the comments from all of my fellow photographers and pros. It really helps my work . I see progress in my work since i have been with

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  • Hudson Valley 13/01/2006 16:43

    Thank you for you comments Cindy.Wish you all the best in achieving those dreams.

  • When 09/09/2005 4:27

    Welcome Cindy,
    Have fun.
  • Hans Frechen 30/06/2005 12:14

    hallo cindy,
    you make interessting works, nice to see.
    lg hans
  • Cindy Martin 16/05/2005 5:04

    thanks Elaine , Paul and Robert. I love this site .
  • Robert L. Roux 16/05/2005 4:40

    Great pictures, Cindy!
  • Cindy Martin 17/03/2005 3:39

    I would love helpful critisim from all of you great photographers , i only hope to be as good as you all are .. soon..LOL
  • Elaine Liebenbaum 16/03/2005 10:09

    hi cindy
    welcome to hope you enjoy posting your photos here. If your serious about helpful critisism then maybe you should state that under your photos.
    Have fun
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