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  • Joanna 23/05/2008 17:28

    Ok. :) I understand you. I'm little sad but I understand:)
    I wish everything good for you:>
  • Ray Steinberg 27/04/2008 2:02

    Hi Emelie,

    You have some excellent images posted here.

    Keep up the good work. ;-)

    Greetings from New York, U.S.A.


  • Krishan Kk 01/11/2007 9:05

    Hi......how are you .....? Im krishan gupta,an artist and have a small gallery in udaipur, india, I like your fotos very much.......Pls. be in touch with me.....

  • Mikaela Lundgren 28/05/2007 14:53

    Haha, hon kanske är huvudlös ? xD skojjar bara ;)
    tack för kommentaren iaf :)
  • Emma H 19/04/2007 13:27

    tack för kommentaren! :)
    Ja, kanske, men jag fick ju bilden så här så jag är ju ändå nöjd med hur den ser ut! :)
    Jaa, det ska det, jag var nog lite för trött när jag skrev det ;)
  • Dianna 16/04/2007 2:26

    You have some wonderful photos!
    Animals are great subjects,
    and you capture them very well! :-)
  • John Bennett 05/04/2007 18:12

    Thank you Emilie, for your kind comment I would rather have these working the land than the smelly tracters. I remember as a kid there were three or four of us who be given a lift on one of these horses and trotted of to the field led by the farmer. You could play all day in the lanes then and not see a car all day, fond memories. I'm glad to see your into horses you have some lovely pictures of them so I have put you on my buddie list.
    Greetings John.
  • Veronikaa Ahlin 03/04/2007 22:02

    Thanks for your comment! But i know it's overexposed, that was my idea! and that's beause i like it, i have a special feeling in my body when i see the foto! I know that i love that horse!
    But thanks for your advice i appreciate it!
    Veronika Ahlin
  • Emma H 16/03/2007 7:16

    Thank you for the comment of my picture! :) yes, as I said, it was inside, so it's not so very easy to make it more brighter :)

    / Emma
  • Hanna P 14/03/2007 11:31

    thanks for your comment on my pic:)
  • Emma H 09/03/2007 6:52

    tack för kommentaren på min bild! :)

    / Emma
  • Ben Arscott 08/03/2007 23:14

    Thanks so much for your comment :)

  • Sofie Svanberg 27/08/2006 19:52

    hej! och tack för kommentaren på min bild :) ha det bra. // Sofie
  • Marie Strydom 06/08/2006 7:39

    Thank you very much Emelie for viewing and commenting on my photos. Your lovley critiques are really appreciated. Best wishes. Marie
    Dawn Over Africa
    Dawn Over Africa
    Marie Strydom
  • Anna Attlid 16/06/2006 18:03

    Tack för dina fina kommentarar på mina bilder :)
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