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I'm Sofie, a 21 year old girl from Sweden.
I have foto just as a hobby and I'm just a beginner. I like it and I teach me stuff every time I take up the camera. My dogs, dogsports and nature are those things that I photograph the most, but sometimes I photograph other things. I have a NIkon D60 and three camera lenses, two of them I got when I bought the camera, Nikkor 18-55 and Nikkor 55-200. In december 2011 I bought a Nikkor 50/1,8 and I like it a lot!

I have a website (also very beginner) The website is about my dogs, at home we have 4 dogs but it's just one of them who I train. Two of them are old and two are younger and they hunt with my dad. In the spring and summer when the hunting is over I take over and we train agility, a dogsport that I love! And the dogs love it to.

My website:
My blogg:

All my photos are copyright Sofie Svanberg and I DON'T give anyone permission to take any of my photos to internetstables, like or mydreamstable and so on.

Jag lånar INTE ut bilder till internetstall så som stallet. se eller liknande!

I hope you like my photos.

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  • marian enache 28/04/2008 4:27

    thank you for your comment!
  • Amanda Solback 23/07/2007 21:35

    Hej hej! Vilken underbar hund! Wish I had one like that :)
  • Veronikaa Ahlin 18/02/2007 9:24

    OKeej:D Ja du bor ju i ängelholm!! Du har också jättefina bilder, liknar den hunden som jag hade innan..!
  • Emma H 20/12/2006 8:31

    va bra! :) ursöt iaf! ^^ :D
  • Emma H 19/12/2006 20:10

    Okej, tyvärr kan jag ju inte se om det är någon tjej eller kille på ett sånt foto ^^
  • Emma H 04/09/2006 8:10

    tack så mycket :-) Kul att du gillar mina bilder^^
  • Julia Samuelsson 28/08/2006 19:43

    Thanks for the very nice comment on my photo
    "Just a dream"
    Take care / Julia
  • Julia Samuelsson 27/08/2006 19:31

    :-) Vad kul att du gillar mina bilder!
  • Julia Samuelsson 26/08/2006 14:28

    Hejsan Sofie :D Älskar din hund ;)
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