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I am a photographic artist who focuses on images of nature and wildlife. Born in South Africa, I was exposed to the natural world and African wildlife from an early age and have spent countless hours in the bush in pursuit of images of animals in their natural environment. My travels have taken me through a variety of game reserves and national parks throughout Africa.
I pride myself in taking pictures of wild animals in their natural environments. Animals are born free and need to remain that way

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  • Fons van Swaal 07/12/2008 18:26

  • addicted 2 pixels 25/01/2008 20:12

    thankyou my beautiful friend, how have you been?
    i have been trying to contact all my old FC Buddies, but this place isnt kicking like it use to be
    jaime :)
  • Fons van Swaal 23/12/2007 18:29

  • Lixiang YU 08/06/2007 11:23

    Hey Marie:

    Nice to meet you here!

    Actually, i want to say that you are just got a wonderful place where i dream for!


    Ray Yu
  • Florin Gherghina 05/06/2007 18:02

    hi Marie,

    Thank you very much for your comments, it realy mean a lot to me and give me hope to continue with photos.

    You have a great gallery, very beautiful.

    All respect,
  • Fons van Swaal 05/06/2007 13:53

    Thanks Marie for comment and looking at:

    Much appreciated.........Fons
  • Radu Herjeu 05/06/2007 12:16

    Thank you Marie for your words!
  • Fons van Swaal 28/05/2007 15:16

    Thanks Marie for looking and comment at the :

    Best regards...........Fons
  • Ingo Eggers 17/05/2007 18:54

    Hi Marie, ek het heel toevallig op jou foto's in die FC afgekom. Puik!! Ek hoop om nog meer te sien. Hier in Duitsland is baie mooi motiewe, maar te dikwels is die weer sleg, of die lig te swak, of deinsig. Dan maak mens maar 'n ander plan. Groetnis, IngoE
  • Jacques Bartie 30/04/2007 15:50

    Hi Marie
    Thanks for comments on pictures, looks like a really nice site and hope to enjoy it. I usually post to also great site for wildlife enthusiasts.
    see you online
    you have a great gallery!!
  • Swenja Böttcher 30/04/2007 14:26

    Hello Marie,
    many thanks for your comment on my photo. I just visited your profile. Your pics are very good - I like them very much. I would love to take such things as well - but, well, wild animals are not so nice to see in a zoo. Cheers - Swenja
  • Fons van Swaal 30/04/2007 12:47

    Took the liberty to view your images , gosh they are perfect ...
    Wish I could join you on a trip photographing South Africa's wild live "this will be my dream "
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful port folio with us..;-))

    Best regards,
  • Fons van Swaal 30/04/2007 12:27

    Thank you Marie for passing by at my image , thanks also for the comment and welcome ...much appreciated..;-))
    Best regards,
  • Alin Neamtu 24/04/2007 20:28

    Thank you for your comments. Your so lucky to have such images, I would like to be in South Africa!

  • Altay Ugurlu 16/04/2007 10:55

    Thank you for your comment,
    I'm inspired from masters like you.
    greetings from istanbul.
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