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I have been taking snap shots since I was in my teens, but just pictures for fun. After I purchased my Canon EOS RebelX I began trying new things and ideas. My favorite subjects are my children and have taken quite a few of them. I have had comments by a few people who ask me who took the pictures and complimented me when they found out I took them. I recently purchased a Canon A-1 from a pawn shop and have taken some pretty good pictures with it also. But I have limited knowledge of photography and the art there of. I found this site when looking for more information about photography and cameras. I am very impressed with all that I have seen so far. I am sure I can learn a lot here. I am looking for comments about my photos so that I can learn more.

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  • Dianna Tilley 19/07/2006 13:18

    Thank Alissa for commenting on my photo. I do appreciate it.
  • Mark Johnston 19/02/2006 20:33

    Thanks for your comment on companion. She is a mix of black lab and something else, (not sure, we found her in the hills above Utah Valley). The shot was taken at around 4 or five in the evening as the sun was heading down and I just positioned it behind her and exposed for the sky.
  • Jeff Ceuppens 05/02/2006 8:54

    Hi Allisa,

    Thanks for you reaction by email, it would take us too far to explain you all the technical stuff in just a mail. I suggest you get a good book on the basics of photography.

    About the image of your son and the ukulele:
    Alissa Hartling

    A very moderate sharpness of the image
    An inferior contrast of the image
    It looks like the image has some damage on the print
    And then perhaps a bad scanning to get a digital copy for

    A final advice, when you take photo’s of a beloved person, there is always and emotional Relation with the photo and the photographer, when a stranger looks at the image, the emotional band is no longer involved and you will get an honest comment on the image!

    Greetings from Belgium (Europe)

    Jeff Ceuppens
  • Chris P. 03/06/2005 22:24

    Hi Alissa,
    it was a pleasure for me to read your comment to
    ... close to me ...
    ... close to me ...
    Chris P.
    Thank you ... :-)

    Best regards, Chris
  • Bill Lang 25/05/2005 11:33

    Thanks once again for your comments on A Peaceful Place.
  • Bill Lang 23/05/2005 12:18

    Hi Alissa
    Thank you for your kind comment on Family Pet.
    Greetings from Canada.
  • Lucia Barbara 16/05/2005 10:57

    Ciao Alissa,
    4 dogs and 4 cats, you have just too many fourlegged friend + your children..a big family yours. You are very busy, I think..

    Thank you for your comment.
  • Virgil Mlesnita 23/03/2005 11:32

    Hello Alissa, thank you for your kind comments on my photos. I liked the black and white photos you took and think you should keep shooting and posting! Greetings, Virgil
  • Visiones de vida. 18/03/2005 5:02

    Alissa,...hello and welcome!...
    my name is rAul,...and I am one of the channel managers,..along with the other team we are here to help you out with any questions or issues.
    If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know...:))
    ..and once again...welcome to the FC!....

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