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I am a hobby photographer. I have only just begun using digital, until now I have only used 35 m. I enjoyed the art when I was very young, but laid it aside when I became a mother, due to lack of time.

My favorite subjects are horses, but I stray often into other area's.

My camera is a Canon Rebel which I just aquired this summer. I look forward to all your comments and to being a part of your great little community.

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  • Ken Piros 20/05/2007 0:27

    Dianna, Thank you for your kind comments on my photo's. I would be honored if you added me as a friend.
    Regards Ken
  • Emma H 18/05/2007 8:11

    Thank you Diana for the comment on my picture!
    I really appreciate it!
    That is the orginal picture, and i really like that photo, but I can actually agree with you, with the crop.
    My lens was a Tamron AF 55-200 mm Nikon.
    If it was that you wonder about? :-)

  • Sorin Papuc-Costea 05/12/2006 13:50

    Thnak you Diana for your comments to my photo IT.
    It was made with a Canon Rebel ( 350D ) and a 135mm, CZJ Zebra, distance around 20 metres.
  • Wayne Tsipouras 23/09/2006 16:03

    Thanks Dianna,
    For your so very true comment on
    So Young
    So Young
    Wayne Tsipouras

    Its is sad that our youth are sent to fight for reasons not of their making.
    Your words touched the emotions I felt when I found this image again.
    Many of my friends still serve, I wish only for peace so they may return home.
    Best wishes to you.

  • Jacqueline Chay 22/09/2006 11:54

    Thank you Dianna
    First Light '2'
    First Light '2'
    Jacqueline Chay
    I appreciate your comment.
    Regards Jackie
  • Antonio Rojas 05/09/2006 1:02

    Certain, meant that, it is that I don't dominate English. thank you
  • Wim Denijs 25/07/2006 18:28

    nice work Dianna , go on with it !!!!!

  • Patrick B. Parenteau 25/07/2006 3:26

    Hi Dianna, Thanks for taking the time to make a comments. Always appreciated. Cheers from Canada. Patrick
  • Bogac Erguvenc 20/07/2006 18:56

    Glad you like it :)
    Back Home
    Back Home
    Bogac Erguvenc
  • Jan Van Der Hooft 18/07/2006 9:54

    Thanks Dianna

  • Jacqueline Chay 18/07/2006 9:16

    Hi Dianna, Thank you for your nice comments on my pic Regards from Oz
  • Davide Bergonzini 16/07/2006 23:36

  • Sergio Pessolano 16/07/2006 9:52

    Hi Dianna,
    Thank you for taking time to comment my photo "Portrait From The Past". I really enjoy your comment.
  • Davide Bergonzini 16/07/2006 6:27

  • Enrico Löffler 16/07/2006 0:21

    Dankeschön Dianna !!!
    Greets from Germany

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