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Denise Woerdman

Free Account, Amsterdam

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  • Patrick B. Parenteau 07/02/2007 0:01

    She looks more like a conquering amazon leaving the scene of battle than a scared femme fatale making an escape.... Interesting textures and possible storylines.
  • Yadran Saavedra 17/01/2007 17:57

    there's a mystery behind this photo! I am curious! that's what photography is about! is like a puzzle! and you executed it very well
  • Vinicius S. 05/10/2006 18:13

    thats great!
  • Filip Wieme 02/09/2006 8:39

    bloody farfetched, isn't it?
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 28/07/2006 16:39

    i think this idea is a great one, with the blood scratched on her back, but her pose could of been diffrent, like holding on to the door ready to run looking scared, she looks quite relaxed just standing there.
    nice work



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