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Denise Woerdman

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  • Marc Erpelding 22/02/2007 21:32

    @ Ruud,
    Well I am not new to the FC...and yes I agree you are one of the few providing his/her view to almost every picture in the voting and you deserve my respect for it! I also find your idea of constructive critique good, but it is definitely not the case up to now. What I see (with the rare exceptions I mentioned) are just comments like "+", "-", "sorry", "this is not gallery" and "skip"...which aren't very constructive I suppose. On the other hand I also believe that you cannot always rationally argue why you like or dislike a picture...for example in this case, do people like this kind of surreal image and this kind of humour, do they like set up pictures, or not (technically I believe there is not much negative to say...). Unless technical issues, but the personal feeling about a picture has nothing to do with constructive critique...so I am afraid that with this picture it will be all about personal feelings ;-)
  • Dennis Veldman 22/02/2007 21:32

    the prints are without a frame, i have seen her working on these photographs ;)
    Keep it up DeniSe!
  • Anastasiya Ivanova 22/02/2007 21:32

  • Patrick B. Parenteau 22/02/2007 21:32

    Denise's series is harlarious and very creative. The colour balance is perfect considering a number of different light sources. Well done Denise - What's next?
  • Dragomir Vukovic 22/02/2007 21:32

  • Marc Erpelding 22/02/2007 21:32

    @ Ruud: sorry but who are you to tell others what they should do and blaming them ? As I figure it out, some people here love to share their vote and others don't, and I respect both. I belong to the second category and I can assure you I am not only voting contra. So leave people alone with their approach and do not feel offended!
  • Robert Riley 22/02/2007 21:32

    @Ruud. You know very well that I am very pro always make a comment. In the past you have defended those who don't. As a Channel manager you gave all sorts of excuses where nothing could be done!

    At last I see some committment to getting members to make a comment!

    My comment is that this is .....Not gallery!
  • Sarah D. Kiefer 22/02/2007 21:32

    lots of imagination and i'm glad that dave donaldson knows where his pony is...safe and sound.
    sarah k

  • Abdul Khaliq 22/02/2007 21:32

  • Mark Johnston 22/02/2007 21:32

    oooooh the drama. I refuse to say what I vote.
  • Dave Donaldson 22/02/2007 21:32

    That's were me Shetland ponies gone , been missing for weeks !!

    Works when you look at the series pro+++
  • KasiaD 22/02/2007 21:32

    Great humourous stuff. Shame it is so small. I like frames but this shot would be better without.
    I'm going to give it a pro anyway for humour, composition, contrast and that little bit of cheek! Kathryn
  • Véronique Soulier 22/02/2007 21:32

  • Cees Kuijs 22/02/2007 21:32

    @ Ruud, as you know, a lot of votes and a few comments, means the most of them are contra`s. But those sodds has no guts to say it straight in mens face. Feel sorry for them.
    By the way, pro for me
  • r o l f WENGENroth 22/02/2007 21:32