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A wave overcoming a reflection of two beach walkers (upside down...)

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  • Hudson Valley 21/09/2004 15:05

    Amazing image. A total head bender!
  • Deborah Hangartner 21/09/2004 0:11

    Stunning composition! This picture really depicts your talent for "catch[ing] a shadow of an image". Thank you for sharing.
  • Peter Mohr 20/09/2004 23:23

    underwater? I'll have to check that out one day. I'll need waterproofing for one of my cameras though.

    The trick is avoid drowing the kids.
  • Dov TS 20/09/2004 23:14

    I shot it from under the water ... (No - actually I kept them almost dry)

    I got my feet wet, alright, but the real dedication is that I shot it while my son is in my hands, and I'm keeping my daughter from running into the water...
  • Peter Mohr 20/09/2004 22:48

    but you were in the deep end, getting you feet wet?

    that's dedication
  • Elaine Liebenbaum 20/09/2004 22:47

    love this, Dov great idea!
    Hope you like this community
    take care
  • Dov TS 20/09/2004 16:39

    I think so - they are not young (Funny thing - to recall their image I had to turn the picture in my head, since they were facing to the left...)
  • Peter Mohr 19/09/2004 23:20

    cool idea, nice shot

    makes me think: are they old?
  • Sanga Oylen 19/09/2004 7:45

    amazing :-)
  • Debra Matney 19/09/2004 5:38

    nice picture
  • Bill Hofmann 18/09/2004 17:08

    Thats a neat picture. Amazing really.
  • Hector Romero 17/09/2004 23:50

    Greetings DOV TS

    Great shot! Welcome to fotocomm. I hope you enjoy your stay here. This is a great community. Everyone is talented and many have good and useful comments.
    Take Care



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