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So here's my two-cents. (Three - I just updated it a bit)
I don't think info like field depth & exposure are interesting to talk about.
I use mainly a digital camera, which has revolutionized photography but made it cheaper (remember the anxiety of taking the perfect shot, and the disapointment it didn't turn out to be what you planned?)

I like taking photos of my family, freezing precious moments, and also (like so many) catch a shadow of an image (shadows, reflections, motion, out of focus, etc)

Sometimes the hunt for a photo is taking over the being - this is the time to put the camera down and shut the 'Camera-Eye' - but it is easier said than done.

I think a photo should be raw, unprocessed & uncropped, since otherwise it can't be called a photo no more.

People are the best subject. (even when they are out of the actual frame - they are present - just like the photographer & the viewers)

I don't like to stage a photo, not even a great one, I think it is not in the rules of the game.
Also - I find staged photos to be, well, too staged...

I try not to be banal, but you be the judge.

Thanks for hosting me.

(And about the profile on the left - I simply fell asleep)


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  • Offir A 09/03/2005 16:34

    Hey DovDov!

    At last, I got your invitation and found myself opening my own account here! :)

    As you should already know - I love your art. But, it should be nice to hear it again anyhow... :)

    Also, I think you got an amazing way of seeing things, and an amazing family to photograph all day long! :)

    I'll comment on your pictures later on... :)
    Ciao Mate,
  • Jens-Chr Strandos 27/09/2004 20:15

    Thank you very much for your comment about my picture.
    Regards Jens-Chr
  • Sanga Oylen 20/09/2004 16:54

    hi dov,

    it's nice to have you there. I like the way you see and let people see through your eyes. even though I, like jo, have a different photographic philosophy. but exactly that's the point why we're here, isn't it? I'd get bored to death if I had to see my own pictures only all the time. I need your colors and pureness among others. :-)

    look forward to growing connections. :-)
  • Hudson Valley 20/09/2004 5:04

    Welcome. I have the opposite philosophy.For me I look through the lens and see many variations and uses for the image. Hence crop/chop/hue/sat/transform/clone/ can yield 100 variations from the same image.
    I could go on all day. I do agree with the delete. Many chances to get it right the ten'th time!
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