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Total rookie here.
I like taking pictures.
Naked women are the best thing to take photos of
and the best thing to see photos of.
My past pictures were with an automatic everything camera that had a little bit of a zoom.
Now I have an automatic everything Olympus, 3.2 mega pixel digital camera with a little bit of an optical zoom.
I hope someday to see some naked women and take their pictures.

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  • Model Elena W 26/11/2004 21:19

    welcome to community ..
    no remarks from the peanut gallery! *
    no remarks from the peanut gallery! *
    Model Elena W

    greetz elena :-)
  • Visiones de vida. 25/10/2004 18:41

    Hey Bill I really enjoyed those 2 shot you've uploaded, I pressing the buddie button, want to see more of those dark allies, I think you have an eye for such images!
  • Bill Hofmann 25/10/2004 7:52

    Thanks for the welcomes and kind comments.
  • Amigo Zomtec 16/10/2004 12:26

    ...hey cool stuff, nice frogs and elvis lives too...great pics fot that kind of cam...

    ...looking forward to see mnore from you...

    ...regards from an old englishman living in goddam just is not fair... :-)...
  • Dirk Hofmann 30/09/2004 2:43

    hi bill ... :-)

    welcome to the!

    did i mention that i like your last name?

    hope you'll have fun here and find some people to share the hobby with.

    at last i promise to include your hope regarding the naked women into my prayers ... ;-)))

    greetings from el paso, tx
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