The Living Forest (145) : Jay

The Living Forest (145) : Jay

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Mark Billiau.

Premium (World), region Antwerp, Belgium

The Living Forest (145) : Jay

The Jay is a very shy bird that belongs to the crow family.
This specimen was taken a beneficent sunbath in such a concentrated way, I could photograph him in full regalia.

Acorns are the most important component of its diet. These are buried during autumn to provide a stock of food for the harsh winter times.
It is widely believed that Jays play a crucial role in the spread of oak woodlands.
Several thousands (!) of acorns are stored by one single bird in the forest each autumn !

Dutch name : Vlaamse Gaai
German name : Eichelhäher
Latin name : Garrulus glandarius

A big thanks to CsomorLászló for the kindly nomination of this picture.

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