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  • Jalili 18/06/2011 17:29

    Regards Kadriya ......
  • Kadriye AYDIN 16/06/2011 23:02

    Thank you so much...Kadriye
    Kadriye AYDIN
  • Konstantinos Papazoglou 16/06/2011 20:26

    Thank you very much for your kind comment! Wish you all the best and may the light be always with you. I'm anxious to see more photos of you and especially from Irak (where everything we see, unfortunately, has to do with war only...).
  • Jalili 14/06/2011 16:59

    Dear Sanja
    All thanks and appreciation for this follow-up and attention from you.
    I am very pleased to be one of the members of this beautiful location and really fun.
    But I'm new to this site I need time to, I can deal with components easily and smoothly.
    I repeat my respect and appreciation .
  • Adele Oliver 13/06/2011 22:05

    and welcome to our big family !!!! I am glad you found your way to Fotocommunity and I am sure you will enjoy showing us your images and looking at photos of other photographers. I wish you much fun and many new friends!!!
    greetings, Adele

  • Sanja Kosanovic 13/06/2011 13:31

    Welcome to Fotocommunity! :)
    I hope you'll have nice time here with us.
    I'm looking forward to see more of your photos.
    Regards, Sanja
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