Primary Colors

Primary Colors

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Claudia Robinson Cnell

Free Account, Lowcountry of South Carolina

Primary Colors

hand drawn in Photoshop CS

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  • Pierre Sorgniard Paris 05/06/2005 0:34

    I definitely like your imagination in your work. I feel very close to what you make Claudia. Sincerly.

  • Bernd Mai 27/05/2005 13:14

    "windows-colours" are born ;-)))
    cheers bernd
  • Remsi Remsen 05/05/2005 4:40

    ya, not bad, really!

    hmm, to make it more realistic, remember that eggs (aint that eggs?) are sorta round - the colour drops would run in different directions. if you like, just try to add a white gloss on one side of the drops (i recommend the "dodge" tool). that is, if you want to make them look more photorealistic
    hey, no offence meant...

    life is a bitch...;)
    severely RR
  • John Moore 04/05/2005 15:51

    Hello Claudia, what an interesting consept, rather a change.

    John Moore Australia
  • Cees Kuijs 04/05/2005 10:19

    Very nice. Well done.
    Greetings, Cees