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Claudia Robinson Cnell

Free Account, Lowcountry of South Carolina

Real Women

Looie and Me

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  • Karl Makkina 25/06/2005 21:15

    I Like your composition, the look of the models are very expressive. Yours is terrifying in opposition with the cute dog.Furthermore your work with the shadow on the face make it more aggressive. I Like your work !!
  • Rob Wells 21/06/2005 9:32

    Another excellent example of your PS skills, Claudia.

    As much as I try to blend different images together, I still can't make it look as seemless as your shots are.

    You show-off ;-)

    Take it easy. Rob.
  • Stu Good 20/06/2005 14:04

    Nice work Cruella .............oops I mean Claudia ;-)

    Looie has a lovely cheeky little face, but I think you're starting to scare me now ! :-))

    Regards, Stu.
  • Misty Lackey 20/06/2005 5:26

    Love the shadows.
    The dog would look
    good too with some kind
    of color in it to swing into
    the mood.
    Love the background it
    blends well.
  • JVision 19/06/2005 16:24

    Great work. You and sweet Looie.:-) I like it a lot.