Gluhwein awaits.

Gluhwein awaits.

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Sally Dunn

Free Account, Plymouth, Devon

Gluhwein awaits.

London Christmas market. Very busy, much fun, happy times!

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  • Alfred Schultz 14/12/2011 20:01

    Guinness beer looks almost the same.
    Just add some foam from the "POWER X"
    Cheers - A.
  • Jürg Scherrer 07/12/2011 23:18

    wonderful atmosphere, excellent capture of the situation. My compliments - cheers Jürg
  • Adele Oliver 07/12/2011 21:34

    A pre-Christmas scene and cozy mood with the Gluehwein steaming and inviting. It sounds and looks like you had a great time - as long as you didn't have all three cups :-)))) Still looking forward to our "German" Christmas Market - always a festive atmosphere !!!
    Wish you a fine evening, Sally !!
    hugs, Adele
  • Angelika El. 07/12/2011 21:31

    Fine work - I hope it was really tasty!!! Glühwein and a fine grilled sausage and almonds with sugar and cinnamon and a lot of gody more - and music, a festive lighting all that's a create a great christmas-mood!


  • s. sabine krause 07/12/2011 18:52

    : ))))))) a holy trinity! and a picture that captures the "gemuetlichkeit" of the xmas market atmosphere so very well! one can start with the cups and then let his eyes climb higher and higher, taking in all the layers of the shot until they reach the lights: lights, grills, staff in coke-colored clothing – times to get tipsy: glllluhweiiiin! that word alone already suggests a heavy tongue and some serious slurring: "nudolph, the ded-rosed neinreer… bingle jells, bingle jells, bingle all the way…" hope you had fun and your share of gluhwein in london, sally! ; ))) hugs, sabine.
  • BRYAN CRUTE 07/12/2011 18:38

    Hope you joined in the Christmas cheer :-)
    Good and well composed picture



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