Fun in the sun

Fun in the sun

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Sally Dunn

Free Account, Plymouth, Devon

Fun in the sun

My twin and I larking about! We were doing our best catalogue poses! ;)))
(Me on the left)

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  • Luciano Leonio 02/11/2016 12:05

    Molto bella..
  • Steve Ember 17/12/2014 1:23

    That is such a precious capture, bespeaking barrels of sisterly mischief. The camera loves you both!
    Beyond that, I think Sabine's commentary hits the bullseye.
  • viola d 31/05/2012 7:20

    You both look very convincing in your best catalogue poses - as if you were doing nothing in life but posing in photo sessions:) And you are perfectly in tune with each other - your outfits, jewelry, colours, glasses, even hairstyles :) A great fun picture. Hugs, Viola
  • Christian Bertero 27/05/2012 19:29


  • Pierre LAVILLE 05/04/2012 11:52

    Très belles
    Amitiés Pierre
  • Deryck 29/03/2012 21:55

    A lovely shot of you two. I like the expressions on your faces.
  • Alfred Schultz 29/03/2012 19:45

    One of you two girls is wearing the jeans
    the wrong way round (Check the zipper).
    But otherwise everything is perfect.
    Cheers - A.
  • Sepideh Q. 29/03/2012 12:38

    This is so nice the poses of you beauties in a sunny and beautiful day full of light and alive colors.
    Glad to see you've had enough fun and hope you always have such good times with your loved ones ... :)
    You just glitter in pink under this shining sun, dear Sally.
    Warm hugs,
  • s. sabine krause 29/03/2012 8:48

    : )))))))))))) watch out folks of plymouth, these girls are notorious! they drive around town in their spiffy pink car, snatch unsuspecting millionaires off the sidewalks and then make them take the coolest pictures of them – girls just want to have fun, eh? ; )) it's such a cheerful and fun shot, sally!! love the mischief in both your eyes! and great, too, how one of you (you! ; )) has her head tipped back, letting the sun kiss her forehead, glasses in hand – forever the intellectual! ; )))) –, while the other's (your sister's ; ))) bangs are falling into her forehead and she's giving us this priceless "don't mess with me!" look! ; )) but enough now, pink herbie behind you is already honking his horn:* "let's go, girls, time to conquer town!!" ; )) hugs, sabine.
  • Angelika El. 29/03/2012 0:32

    Two beauties enjoying the beautiful springlike and warm weather! Fine shot - and it seems, that you both have fun..


  • Birgit Presser 28/03/2012 22:41

    The most beautiful girls in town!?! :-)))
    Great this posing!!!
    Warm hugs,Bibi
  • Adele Oliver 28/03/2012 21:40

    Great posing from both of you, pretty in pink Sally - the sunglasses are perfect accessories for your fun and glamourous shot ..... as is your (?) pink car ... how cool can that be !!!!!
    hugs, Adele
  • BRYAN CRUTE 28/03/2012 19:35

    Girls about town :-))
    Good to see you in that warm sun enjoying a laugh




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