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Sally Dunn

Free Account, Plymouth, Devon


We had our bunny for about nine years but he sadly died tonight. Such a shame but they can't live forever. He was well loved and had a good and happy life. Goodbye Bracken.

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  • Majid mehraban 11/03/2012 19:37

    Oh nooooooooooo, he is so cute
    I Know how your are feeling ,it is really hard but this is life and we can not get rid of it at all.
    Wish health and long life with your family

  • Sepideh Q. 11/03/2012 11:17

    Oh! I'm sorry dear Sally :-(
    Losing a pet is always painful. But replacing the pain with the very good memories and moments one has spent with it, would make one feel better.
    I feel sad for Bracken's death but I'm also glad that it had a happy life.
    Wish you and your family a very nice time.
    Many hugs
  • s. sabine krause 11/03/2012 9:55

    i'm sorry, sally! it's always horrible when a pet dies, especially when it's such a lovable and charming creature like your big bracken here! but 9 years is a long and full life for a bunny, isn't it! and i can tell he was much loved by the tenderness your picture radiates!! hugs, sabine. p.s.: i get the inkling he's happily sniffing daisies and digging up heaven as we speak! ; ))
  • BRYAN CRUTE 10/03/2012 17:01

    So sorry for your family, but it must have being well cared and loved over the years more than can be said for many pets.
    We sometimes love our pets so much they become part of the family and so eventually tear our hearts out when there time comes to leave us :-(

  • Canan Oner 10/03/2012 15:24

    I can feel your pain and grief Sally..So sad to hear that he is gone..We get so attached to them and after some years all we have left is good memories...
    A wonderful image of Bracken...
  • Vera M. Shulga 10/03/2012 14:57

  • Adele Oliver 10/03/2012 3:36

    So sad to hear about your loss, dear Sally and family ... so good to have lovely memories including this beautiful image of Bracken held lovingly by your daughter .... his and her eyelashes competing for length !!
    a big hug and best wishes,


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