Down into the World Beneath the Streets

Down into the World Beneath the Streets

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Down into the World Beneath the Streets

One of many entrances into the exciting complex of Subway lines that
converge - on multiple levels - under Herald Square in Midtown Manhattan.

The orange routes operate along the (IND) Sixth Avenue Subway, but beyond Manhattan they provide access to points in Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens. The yellow routes run, at least in this area, on the (BMT) Broadway Line, but they also serve points beyond Manhattan.

And, speaking of points beyond Manhattan, if the train lover wanted even more choices, a nearby stairway leads to another corner of this warren where one can board the PATH trains to Hoboken or Journal Square. PATH trains also rumble through tunnels under the streets of Manhattan as far as Greenwich Village before turning right and plunging under the Hudson as they head to points in New Jersey.

©2017 Steve Ember

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  • Adele Oliver 21/10/2017 20:57

    great point of view giving your image depth, an every day street
    scene but made special with your colour key editing !!!
    best regards and wish you a great weekend,