Regenbogenfarben in GCT Hauptbahnhof

Regenbogenfarben in GCT Hauptbahnhof

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Regenbogenfarben in GCT Hauptbahnhof

On a June "Pride Parade" weekend during which so much of Manhattan was displaying rainbow-colors, from the mast atop Freedom Tower (One World Trade Center) to the people at street level (*) and down below in the Subway, it seemed only appropriate to see those colors on an Arrivals display in Grand Central Terminal, though my hunch is it was a visual aid to help travelers distinguish between the various Metro North Railroad lines terminating at GCT.

©2017 Steve Ember
(*) Love will win Love will win
Steve Ember

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  • Peter Kirchvogel 02/12/2017 16:11

    This is my favourite rail way station, too. The photo is taken in a perfect light just entering the windows. Best regards, Peter
  • Adele Oliver 18/10/2017 3:50

    a well captured scene showing off the beautiful architecture of this famous
    train station .... and nice story telling with the human presence, especially
    the person with the rainbow flag !!!
    best regards,