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hi all, I need some advices about canon lenses.10-22 or 16-3

You must be using a crop sensor camera as the 10-22 is an EF-S lens and foes not fit the full frame cameras (like 5d).
with a crop sensor you must know that using an EF (not EF-S) means a multiplier of 1.6 to the focal length. So the 16-35 (which is a favorite of mine) becomes a 25-56. These are not close enough to do the same functions. The costs are not similar either as a 10-22 is a about $650 new and the 16-35 is about $1000 more. If you are beginning I suggest limiting the expense until you find your voice. Then spend resources there. You may find an specialty that pleases you and those lenses may be completely different than where you began.

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