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Question on Best Lens for Portraits

It's been some months since I first posted this and at the time I bought an 85mm, but at f/1.8. After doing more research I felt the f/1.2's were way too much for what was not a giant step forward (clearly better lenses but not worth the 5 or 6 fold increase in price - I am only an amatuer).

I'm glad I did that because I found that I did not use the 85mm for the wedding. What I did not appreciate at the time is how much flexibility you need during a wedding shoot where most of the shots are spontaneous as opposed to done on sets/staged where you control the key variables. It was my 24-105 lens that saw all the action. My fault, you live and learn......

Having said that the 85mm lens is a very good lens and I can see using it in different settings but to date it is mostly idle (the type of shooting I do is mainly landscapes so it's zooms and telephotos for me).
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