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I am extremely happy to be on this site. I just received my first camera, this Christmas. It is a Canon A75. So, I am just starting my journey, in the realm of photography. I am currently in Belize, serving in our mission parish in Benque Viejo del Carmen. That being said, I have only the camera that my Grandfather sent me. I don't have lights, tripods, or anything like that. I am working with my hands and the capabilities of the camera only. Hopefully, I'll be able to obtain a laptop sometime in the future. When that happens, I hope to be able to do some of the cropping and things that people have done with their photos. I am more than willing to hear critiques and receive advice. I am just starting and need all the help that I can get. Please, feel free to help me out. Hopefully, I might even make some good friends from this experience as well. For any questions, feel free to contact me.


P.S. I think that I would like to just add an adendum to my profile description. I hope I spelled adendum correctly. Oh well...Here goes:

- I currently do not have Photoshop
- Even if I did have Photoshop, I believe in using it minimally.
- My shots are never posed. I prefer to catch the moment.
- I have had my camera for just a month with no prior experience, using a camera.

My Camera: Canon Powershot A75, 3.2 MegaPixels, Photos taken in .jpg format as RAW format is not supported.

My Friend's Camera: (I use this one as well) Canon Powershot G5, 5 MegaPixels, photos will now be taken in RAW format, then converted for fc in photoshop once I get that I know what RAW is and is used for... :-) Thank you for the help Ingo!

Thank you...I wanted to post this, so that folks know where these shots are coming from. Sometimes it is hard to catch or frame everything perfectly, when everyone is on the move and the moment is fleeting...but I'm trying hard. Thank you all for your comments.

once again...

- Thomas

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  • Martin Unger 01/04/2005 10:49

    Hi Thomas!
    Now I'm enjoying your pictures for allready severral months and haven't yet written a comment here! It's a pleasure to follow your pictures, it's just amazing to see how they get better and better, and it's hard to believe that you just started! Get on this way, you have the "right photographic eye"! It's also fine to see how good results one can get with a minimum of digital editing and a relatively simple camera. And I think it's quite right what you write about use of Photoshop, minimal use, but then trying to find the right "dosage".
    And I think we can see something else too in your pictures: the people there seem to like you, and you like them. God bless you!
    Greetings from Norway, Martin
  • Blamonge 06/03/2005 9:16

    with A75 you can do wonders....get Photoshop! for total communication freedom :-) and the extender for filters and vario will learn all. I've be shooting for 35 years and although sad to see the life of the lab go can see that the new tech allows for all subject to the limits of your awareness and imagination....I just shoot when it hits me to, this is how you get to know where you are. Good luck with feedback from fellows of equal vision

  • Elena Kateby 18/02/2005 9:49

    Hi Thomas, Thanks for your Comment

  • Dave Kingsley 15/02/2005 10:54

    Hi Thmas and thamks for your comment on my spider.
    What follows are my thoughts only.
    The position you are in when you first see a photo opportunity is rarely the position from which you wil get the best image. Compare your 2 images 'tough' & 'shoting ham'. I believe 'tough' is a more interresting image because we as adults don't often see chilren from this angle. like I said, my thoughts only.
  • Vonnie DeRose - Kirby 15/02/2005 4:35

    Tom, Your photos are excellent. The attention to detail is awesome. I especially like the two Mission Tropico photos. The Mission is beautiful. I hope your work there is going well. Grandpa is very proud of you. I look forward to more of your photos. Stay well and God Bless,
  • David Read 11/02/2005 13:50

    Hi Thomas, thanks for the comment. Enjoy those fresh tacos!
  • NANA B. 11/02/2005 12:40

    Thanks for your comment !
    At the moment in the galerie in Germany .Would be nice if you look at it .
    Greetings N.B.A
  • Arno Königs - Fotografie-Fotodesign 31/01/2005 4:10

    Hello Thomas,

    thank you for the comment to my pic

    i be happy to read from you.

    greetz arno
  • Cisco Craig Dietz 27/01/2005 22:49

    thanks for your kind words about my image...

    take a look at my web page
  • Eugenio Carretti 25/01/2005 18:18

    Hi Thomas, thank for comments. I think own feeling is better than a good camera or photoshop etc... Picture most be in our mind.
    The suggest I permitt to say you, is to be a hard and hard critic with your picture, you can become better trashing a lot!
    Look so many picture you can, intrnet, book, exibition.
    One thing I like about photo, is to learn always something more.
  • Angel Pena 25/01/2005 4:45

    Thanks for looking ! ;-)
  • Stefano Ventucci 14/01/2005 12:51

    Two different pictures, blended together as layers with Photoshop's Overlay Fusion Option. Actually was very easy.
    The same effect can be obtained with a multiple exposure (if the camera one's using support this function): first shot - and you take the pic in the background - second shot - and here you are the overlayed picture. But, of course, is not that easy!


    P.S: thanx a lot for your comment! They're always so sensitive!
  • John Holmes 09/01/2005 19:20

    keep shooting and self critiquing!! look at alot of the comments on fotos here. while most of the talk is positive, the slightly negative ones will teach you alot. re: "regal", set her slightly off center to the left, shoot some without background people and from other angles if possible; "work the scene". good luck jh.
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