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Gone digital (D70) after 25yrs away from the lens. Used to dabble in b&w procesing of Tri-X.
Like minimalism, contrast, anomaly, form, grain , .........
I think I was misunderstood recently and offer the following qualiication.

"Yes you're right, I love contrast. I hope I didn't send a personally negative message in my post on Geoffrey's work which is why I said 'but that's just me'. I too like Geoff's work!!

I think I tend to have a dose of foot in mouth disease in this type of forum. I tend to call a spade a spade but not (I hope) if it can be seen to be offensive. I aim to offer comments as constructive criticism but in saying that, I'm not suggesting that my opinions should necessarily be adopted by all and sundry, simply that they are mine. Personally (!!!!!) , I don't find a lot of benefit in posting comments simply saying 'I like it', but that type of post may very well encourage and inspire others to develop their skills and if it does, then that's great.. I think Jutta might agree here. The thing I love about photography is that EVERYBODY SEES THINGS DIFFERENTLY and there are likely to be as many different opinions on what is a 'good photo' or makes a photo 'good' as there are people wishing to comment. I produce images that please me and post them simply to share them with others and if there are others that like my photos then I guess i'm not the only weird one (as my lovely wife says) out there...... :o)

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  • John Bennett 10/08/2005 21:26

    Hello Dave, I agree with Chaz your pictures are very good and I too have added you to buddy list.
  • Charles Fowler 21/04/2005 16:54

    Hi Dave,

    I just add you to my buddy list. I believe I am the lucky one here :-)) Your photos are very nice.

  • Mic K 14/04/2005 16:02

    Hi Dave
    hope your well

    thanks for the nice comment
    i feel honored

    best regards
  • Waleed Montasser 18/02/2005 17:25

    Hi dave i like ur work and wanna be a friend i may not carry on in fc , so my yahoo is : lottospace see u there , have fun !
  • Kanat YILMAZ 18/02/2005 11:47

    Murder in Paris
    Murder in Paris
    Geoffroy Demarquet

    Hi Dave,
    I think contrast is okay. However you like high contrast. I can see it in your B/W works. You have a really good taste but Geoffroy has too...Cheers..
  • Anatoly Kraynikov 10/02/2005 11:50

    Thanx for kind comments! Was impressed with your
    Dave Kingsley
    - great colors and composition! Regards from the other world! :-)))
  • Bernd Klein 03/02/2005 12:25

    Hallo Dave,

    it is very nice, that you found me...

    Now i find you... I like your Photos, they have a kind of special...

    With friendly regards


    (also from the other Side of our world)
  • Hudson Valley 14/01/2005 14:21

    Hi Dave
    Thanks for kind words.
    Nice to meet you on fc.
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