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Amateur/Hobbyist photographer.
Here to learn, improve and have fun.


Sony A100
Minolta Dynax 60
Minolta Dimage 7i

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  • Andrej Nagode 01/01/2009 10:17

  • Robert L. Roux 20/10/2007 13:19

    s k i p ...

    grrrr, woof, woof! ;-)))
  • Karsten Zepner 17/07/2007 16:13

    Hi Stu,
    as I can see, you have fun here and already learned a lot. Great gallery! Thank you for taking time to comment my photo.
    Wings Of The Night
    Wings Of The Night
    Karsten Zepner
    Greetings from Wolfsburg, Germany
  • Alison Wiseman 25/05/2007 16:21

    Thanks for your comments.
  • Terry Dye 16/04/2007 12:02

    Hi Stu,
    good to hear some feedback from you. Yes, lots of people wanted to see more information on mr duck's face, but with so much backlighting, this wasn't really possible. I will play try to reproduce the the situation to see if I could overexpose a bit and then tone things back down in photoshop. I tried recovering any information, but to not avail.

    Again thanks for stopping by and keep the camera ready.

    Water Symphony
    Water Symphony
    Terry Dye
  • John Bennett 05/04/2007 18:23

    Thank you Stu.
  • Robert L. Roux 15/02/2007 21:02

    cropped to the end of the day
    for stu and daren ... ;-)
    salut from across the pond - r
  • Darinka Mladenovic 07/02/2007 8:03

    Thanks for your comments on my photos.
  • Patrick B. Parenteau 29/01/2007 18:58

    I see that you are breaking some new ground with the Spring, Summer, Fall shots. Well done Mr. Good. Keep it up. Have a beer on me. Cheers, Patrick
  • Dominic Falcone 24/01/2007 1:18

    Hi Stu
    Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my recent shots, have not been as active as usual on the FC over the past months, so good to come back and see everyone still uploading some great stuff.

  • Robert L. Roux 01/01/2007 15:27

    another year's suddenly upon us -
    greetings and woof, woof!!
    salut - robert
  • Rob Brydon 01/11/2006 2:53

    Pip # 2
    Pip # 2
    Rob Brydon
    Hi Wills...from Pip..cheers..Rob
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 18/10/2006 10:16

    thankyou Stu appreciate your comment
  • Tom McDade 16/10/2006 11:56

    Hi Stu
    Thanks for the great comment. really appreciate it. I got your message and I'm glad you enjoy a good crit.
    I can only ask you to return the compliment and be as ruthless as poss with my pics. I need alot of advise.
    many thanks again
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 04/10/2006 11:39

    Thanks Stu :0)
    yes its just sea water comes in from the tide as you said, they are beautiful, its just a safer way to enjoy the beach :)

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