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I photograph for a long time, but only my brother has pushed me to be engaged in a photo little bit more seriously, than I was engaged earlier
I like to photograph portraits and the nature.
The technics(technical equipment) yet very good, but in this life all varies also I believe, that all will change in the best party(side)

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  • Richard Chelstowski 07/11/2005 0:51

    Glad you are back on fotocommunity.
    You can upload another picture this week. That's yours (on profile).
    Your pictures are very interesting.
    Unfortunately there some problem with loading your website (very slow).
  • Anastasiya Ivanova 08/03/2005 17:21

    Welcome to FC, it's nice to meet another Russian here.
    Your works are impressive, and very beautiful, especially those sunset viewing you made.
  • Tony AKa fototaker 08/03/2005 17:12

    beautYful sunsets Maaaan, beautYful!!! and where do you find these beautYful russian models??? :-) send some my way in Spain!!
  • Tom Gregory 05/03/2005 1:49

    Thanks for your comment Serguei. I hope you enjoy it at the FC.
  • Vanessa Torres 04/03/2005 2:25

    Hi!!! :) wellcome and keep doing fire on the skies.. goood!!
  • Dirk Hofmann 02/03/2005 4:15

    hi serguei!

    welcome to good to see you found us. here you will find hobby photographers, amateurs and professionals from all over the world and after seeing your first photos i'm sure that you'll have a bunch of fans and buddys soon ... ;-)

    too bad it takes that long to load your side ... :-(

    take care

  • Visiones de vida. 01/03/2005 1:13

    Serguei,...welcome to the Fotocommunity...I hope you enjoy the site and make it your home for you work!....
    my name is rAul...I am one of the channel mangers...if I can help you with anything..please let me know...
    warm welcomes,

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