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I was born in Poland. studied in Kcharov, Ukraine
spent a couple of years in Kuwait, currently live in Windsor, Canada , work in Detroit, USA. That's the whole my life in one sentence:)

I have been taking pictures for more than 50 years and still feel that I did not learn enough. I appreciate all comments and suggestions.

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  • Jan Vacek 03/10/2006 12:47

    hello...I'm sorry for my English and I'm sorry for late answer.
    I haven't erotic pictures, and I haven't paid registration for insert to nude area.
    Have a nice day. :-)
  • Igor Eugeny Urmin 09/01/2006 12:08

    Dear Richard! Thanks for your advice, they can work to me. I looked your photos-you the master! Greetings from Moscow Igor
  • Sergio Pessolano 30/11/2005 12:50

    Hi Richard,
    Thank you for taking time to comment my photo "The Tribesleader". I really enjoy your comment.
  • Quantxx 05/11/2005 16:28

    Thanks a lot Richard
    That's also why I'm going back to analog
    But this one is not
    I'll watch your work
  • Wilhelm Harlander 08/10/2005 21:50

    Servus Richard,

    .......viele Grüße aus Old Germany - Munich City.

  • Sarndra 08/10/2005 14:20

    Thanks for your comment on my Pier photo :-) Sometimes i think people don't realise how civilised we actually are in NZ :-) so pics help *grin*
  • Dennis Maloney 08/10/2005 3:46

    Thanks Richard, I will try what you suggested on the Mantis picture...I am honored that you share your experience and talent...den
  • GRAHAM ROLLINGS 06/10/2005 18:45

    Hi Richard, thanks for your comments re my photo, I welcome all comments good or bad, you are right re the longerexposure but no tripod with me and lacking in time to set up, I quite like the effect of the road in half shadowleading the eyeinto the distance.

  • Robert Riley 04/10/2005 8:30

    Thanks for your comment on my Owl.


  • Günther Tribukait 03/10/2005 17:54

    Hey Richard,

    thanks for posting (Slieve Mish Mountains). I love this part of Ireland, its very easy to take pictures like the one I took.

    Greetings from Europe

  • Danny W. Wilson 03/10/2005 4:52

    Thank you for your kind comments concerning my work :)
    Crystal 3
    Crystal 3
    Danny W. Wilson
  • Robert Riley 02/10/2005 15:43

    Thanks for your comment. I agree. Too much criticism is not good. Like your first Pictures.

  • Casey Binns 30/09/2005 0:36

    Thanks for taking a look at my picture
    Sugar on the Tracks
    Sugar on the Tracks
    Casey Binns
    I think your really going to have fun at fotocommunity. You'll meet a lot of interesting people, get a lot of encouraging feedback and well... you'll get some criticism too, but it's all good.
  • JVision 28/09/2005 4:04

    Hi Richard,
    welcome to the fotocommunity. Your first picture is fantastic and I am looking forward to see more of your work.
    Kind regards
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