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Hello everyone. I am from Croatia. Photography is my hobby, I am mostly taking photos of family events, but also of all the other beautiful and interesting things. I traveled throughout Croatia and somewhat Europe, and during this trips I am trying to capture all the natural beauty and interesting things.

I hope you will like some of my photos, especially photos of Croatian landscapes, so you might as well decide to personally visit my beautiful Croatia.

I'm not here so I can just show my photos, but I would like to learn something new so my photos may be better. Therefore, your comments are important to me.

I thank everyone in advance for visiting my photos and comment them. Maybe I do not manage to thank everyone individually due to lack of time and I apologize for that... but sincere comments are always welcome.

Also, I enjoy viewing the beautiful photos of nature, places, animals or other things made by other authors.

And finally:
Maybe my photos are not anything special, but they are mine, so do not download or copy them without my permission.

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