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My name is Irina and i live in Russia. Like travelling very much. And though i not often go overseas (but dream of visiting the whole world) i try to snap every beautiful sight of Nature. Hope you'll like my works. It's a wonderful place here on FC - i see many masterpieces here and try to improve my own skills.
Best wishes to all of you and thanx for visiting my profile.

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  • Digitalclub Meranerland 13/12/2007 15:00

    Hi Irina, greatings from Italy. Markus
  • Krishan Kk 16/10/2007 21:19

    hi........ how are you.....i like your all photos so are really good....Im krishan, an artist from udaipur.......pls. be in touch ...
  • Ilidio Fernandes 04/10/2007 8:30

    Just had a look at your galery, very beautiful work and i like your style ,Good work

  • Susie Q 07/03/2007 22:10

    Thank you for taking the time to view and comment on my image - it's much appreciated ...
    Susie :o)
    Jetty #1
    Jetty #1
    Susie Q
  • Lovisa Lagerquist 13/02/2007 19:16

    Hi Irina!
    Thanks alot for your comment it's fully appreciated!
    It's a blue passion
    It's a blue passion
    Lovisa Lagerquist

    Best wishes
  • Hassan Kashef 23/01/2007 9:44

    Hello Irina,

    Thank you very much for your nice comment.
    As the FC is so big, I just discovered your profile now, and you have some wonderful nature captures, mainly I like very much the in Orange, Shadows on the Hills.

    You also have a beatiful Cat( if it's yours).
    The Birds
    The Birds
    Hassan Kashef

  • Olivier Vanbiervliet 23/01/2007 7:46

    Hello Irina, thank you for looking and commenting on my photo! Kind regards, Olivier.
    Lissewege, Blue Hour
    Lissewege, Blue Hour
    Olivier Vanbiervliet
  • John Moore 30/11/2006 22:56

    Greetings and salutations Irina, from Australia.
    Hope you are enjoying yourself here on FC.
    Thank for your kind comment.
    Love your profile photo!!
    A flower for you.

  • René van Rijswijk 14/08/2006 11:15

    Thanks Irina for your comment on my pictures.
    Greetings René
  • KasiaD 12/08/2006 9:44

    Hi Irina,
    Thank you for your kind comment on my skies photo - we seem to share a favourite topic;-)
    You've got off to a great start here. I'm looking forward to more from you. Why not let us know a little about yourself in your profile?
    Cheers, Kathryn
  • Abdul Khaliq 12/08/2006 9:24

    Hi Irina,
    Many thanks for your kind comment.
    A warm welcome to FC, your pictures are wonderful.
  • Danny W. Wilson 11/08/2006 22:38

    Welcome to the FC, and thank you for your kind commments concerning my work.
    Rachel 5340
    Rachel 5340
    Danny W. Wilson

  • Jan Van Der Hooft 11/08/2006 16:50

    Thanks have a nice time here on FC

  • Roxana Laemmlin 11/08/2006 12:50

    welcome to the fotocommunity, irina! and enjoy it!

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