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  • Istvan Stefan 02/01/2006 0:11

    Dida, Bonne Année et bonnes photos!
  • Detlef Klahm 29/12/2005 22:53

    I Wish You a Wonderful New Year and Keep up the Good Work!
    From Vancouver, Canada, detlef
  • Radovan Grkovski 28/12/2005 13:38

    Krasivo portfolio, bravo majstore! Pozdrav iz Srbije.
  • Tony AKa fototaker 21/12/2005 17:32

    you have some VERY good fotos!! welcome and take care in your travels!!
  • Dietmar Mueller 19/12/2005 18:51

    Merry Christmas!!
    LG dietmar
  • Andrew Denissov 18/11/2005 15:06

    Hi Dida
    l like you fotos
    Thank you for your comment!
    Greetings from the Sankt-Petersburg!
  • Daniela Damgova 17/11/2005 6:35

    Pojelavam ti vse taka hubawi snimki!Uspeh!
  • John Bennett 08/11/2005 12:09

    Is that a new profile picture, most charming.
  • Dietmar Mueller 05/11/2005 18:02

    THANK You!!

    LG Dietmar
  • Marino Mannarini 03/11/2005 10:10

    Hi Dida!!
    Thanks for the comment! Your pics are interesting too :-) i agree with Paul that on FC one can learn a lot, and you should try to be photographed by someone worthy :-)
  • Robert L. Roux 03/11/2005 4:08

    Hi Dida
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Cool cars and comments :-)
    always bring big smiles ...
    Greetings from the Canadian north
  • Anastasiya Ivanova 27/10/2005 16:17

    Hello dear Thanks very much for your support! :))

    best regards
  • Földi Miklós 27/10/2005 14:53

    Thank you
  • Ludwig Geerman 26/10/2005 21:20

    Is that a real what?
  • Anastasiya Ivanova 25/10/2005 16:24

    Hello Dida:
    I just don't want to pay more money for the site, I won't leave permanently of course not!
    Just take care have fun here and I have been keeping my attention to your photo works! :)
    Best regards
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