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I started taking photographs when I was 14 and I have been hooked ever since.
I shoot both film and digital, EOS 3, 55, and 300D. I have my own darkroom and still get a kick out of watching an image appear in the developing tray. I have resently started shooting glamour and portraiture,but I am still finding my feet.
At the moment I am doing a City and Guilds photographic course, who said you cant teach an old dog new tricks.
I would appreciate any comments good or bad as this is how we learn and I believe this is what FC is all about.
enjoy photography for potography's sake and keep on clicking

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  • Shan Yang 29/01/2005 9:07

    hei Dave, thanks a lot for your comment to my picture. Have a nice stay in FC. ciao!

  • Eugenio Carretti 29/01/2005 8:27

    Hallo David, I look at your pictures. I think yours studio female shooting may be a good starting point. You must work on light, too flat.
    Thank you for comment, I like photo, and if you need some help, ask! I am glad for critique, it a help tho go better.
  • Anastasya I. 29/01/2005 4:54

    Hi, David:
    Nice to meet you, thanks a lot for your suggestion and advise.
    I add you to buddies for more of your great works. :)

  • Donna Vitkauskas 03/01/2005 18:45

    Hi David,
    Thank you for the nice comment on my photo. Yours too are very nice.
  • Die Tessa 03/01/2005 0:10

    Thanks for your nice message...good to see, that somebody takes a short while to watch my works.

    Have fun, stay tuned...;O))

    Greetz from Cologne, die Tessa
  • Manfred Bergermann 27/12/2004 10:09

    Hi Dave,
    thanks for your comment.
  • Olaf H.... 26/12/2004 17:22

    David.. thanks for your comment in my profile... enjoy your time here. Looking forward to see some of your photography here.
  • Sjoerd van den berg 13/12/2004 5:04

    david hi welcolm etc etc etc....luv that shot of the model ...would luv to see more of your wrk...keep smiling and have fun:))
  • Tracy Baughman 06/12/2004 21:55

    Hi David!!! Welcome aboard if your new. I look forward to seeing many more of our photos. I think your experiences of the past will only assist you in your new endevor. Thank you for the comments you sent me and feel free to critique me anytime... I can only get better at this craft... and all comments are very very welcome. Take care and I hope to hear again from you soon.

    Peace, Tracy
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