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I am a Novice Photographer so any and all comments are appreciated.
My Father , a furniture designer, was a passionate shutter bug (non-professional photographer). Whenever, we traveled across the US, there would be multiple stops and sudden pullovers. (A blazing sunset to the left or on the right a lonely mangy spotted dog looking for scraps.) He taught me there was beauty in everything. Never stop looking for the wonders of life.

Through his example I developed an eye for color, shape, texture and my own unique vision.

I am a beautician, screenwriter, make up artist, painter and re-awakening photographer. I love Portraits, Landscapes, Black and White, Experimental and Abstracts.

I currently have a Nikon D70 and work in Adobe Photoshop 7.0 as well.

Peace, Tracy

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  • Detlef Klahm 31/07/2005 15:58

    Thank You Very Much for All the Kind Comments Tracy. They are so Very Much Appreciated!
  • Bannerman 20/07/2005 10:46

    Tracy--your photos are beautiful--full of natural colour. Anybody in charge of a Nikon D70 is a serious photographer.
  • Bea Te 08/12/2004 15:14

    Sorry, I mean will say thank you - not wont!!!!
  • Bea Te 08/12/2004 15:13

    Hi Tracy!
    You dont know me, but you now bea te?!
    Bea is a friend of mine and she opend a account with my photos - she means, that every one must vote them into the galerie - an in my account the piccs are closed for the galerie.
    Now I will say thank you for all the kind comments to my (bea´s) photos. I hope, you aren´t angry with bea. She don´t get a camera by herselve - maybe that is the reason
    I will have a look to your photos!

  • LEE ELLAMS 07/12/2004 10:08

    Hi Tracy,

    thank you so very much for all your comments, i appreciate them alot.

    thanks again

    take care

  • David Delaney 06/12/2004 22:43

    Hi Tacy
    Thanks for the words of encouragement, I'm afraid I only have the one shot of the colt. I am only a guest member so I can only upload one image per week but maybe Father Christmas will bring me a membership in my stocking. Keep on clicking
  • Vanessa Torres 05/12/2004 20:52

    Hi tracy.. :) Im happy because I receive your comments about my photos.. and now I want to give you a big congratulations because you have a lot of característics from a good artist.. keep in this way..
  • Regina Ray 05/12/2004 7:32

    hi Tracy!
    thanks a lot for your comments (i'm working on my pics by the way to improve some of the things you mentioned)!
    keep in touch!
  • Wayne Cheveldave 28/11/2004 18:28

    Thanks for your coments tracy on my photo's . You have some great photos to that i like.Looks like there are some great people here.keep on clicking....
  • Thomas Weber II 27/11/2004 15:28

    hehe, the German translation is quite funny ! ;-)
  • Sjoerd van den berg 20/11/2004 12:19

    thanks for the comment on my fhoto of my wife and grand daughter.two ladies who make my life worth living. thanks :))
  • Sjoerd van den berg 10/11/2004 0:21

    hey you do good wrk. keep it up and keep having fun with it.........:))
  • Arturas Uzgalis 09/11/2004 9:41

    thanks for comment.
    Arturas Uzgalis,Lithuania
  • Mathias Blanck 07/11/2004 12:14

    Hallo Tracy,
    welcome to the community.
  • Elaine Liebenbaum 07/11/2004 8:56

    Dear Tracy
    welcome to the fotocommunity
    great that you walking in your fathers footprints.
    Here is the perfect place for you to sit back and get comfy for a while. Enjoy commenting and uploading and you'll see your world change.
    take care
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