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I'm a retired 71-year-old bio-technician who has plenty of time now to pursue his hobby - photography. I take pictures of anything and everything - there are photo-ops everywhere! I love to take bus tours to just about everywhere, and always have my camera with me. I love all creatures, whether they be clawed, winged, or finned!

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  • Adele D. Oliver 31/12/2012 22:12

    Wishing you and your loved ones a great ride into a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year !!!
    a hug,
    Happy New Year 2013
    Happy New Year 2013
    Adele D. Oliver
  • Robin Jeffs 13/12/2012 21:20

    Your get there, learn one thing at a time but learn it well
  • Jenipher Baker 07/06/2012 18:19

    Hi Dave, thanks for the comments and looking in. I hope you enjoy the macro photography . it is a whole new world :-)

    cheers Jeni
  • Péter Csepely 11/01/2012 20:00

    Thank you Dave, i guess you're right. As i see your images i can find there very much familiar feelings for me, i.e. "streets" and so on. I'm also a believer in natural things, natural light, situations, therefore i never use filters, photoshop, or other modifications.
  • Helen Men 17/05/2011 16:53

    Hi Dave!
    So the store really has the story :)
    Do you have a site of your photographies or maybe you can sent some of your wonderful works to my email? helenmenn@gmail.com
    thank you
  • Andrea Sagawe 06/11/2010 20:13

    >Thank you, Andrea! I see you have a 500D. I'm thinking about getting the new 550D, although I would be thoroughly satisfied with either!<
    I can recommend both. My husband has the 550D which is besides some other pros very good at exposing pictures with a high contrast. So if you don't have to turn over every penny I'd go for the 550D, But as I said the 500 is a fine camera too.

  • RobynsPhotos 14/08/2010 17:52

    Thank-you for the profile comment Dave, I've looked through your other photos, some of them are just amazing! Hope to see more uploads to come:)
  • JVision 10/08/2010 19:07

    Hi Dave,
    welcome to fotocommunity, a place where you can find a lot of people sharing the same interest. I see we have the same interests in taking bus tours and having the camera ready for some good photo opportunitys.
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