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Well, I joined this website because I am a budding photographer. I've just recently become very interested in macro-photography, as I like photographing things such as flowers and insects. I didn't really want to upload my photo's to papers and online competitions, as I'm not sure if they're good enough, and lots of the prizes don't really appeal to me. I would just like to hear peoples opinions, and hopfully make a few new friends through this website.

I really hope you enjoy browsing my photo's as much as I do looking through yours:)

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  • Fons van Swaal 31/12/2011 15:26

    Best wishes..
  • Fons van Swaal 12/12/2011 15:29

    Best regards and many thanks for all the comments throughout this year ...
  • Fons van Swaal 01/01/2011 12:16

  • Fons van Swaal 18/12/2010 13:33

  • Cigdem A. BEKLER 26/11/2010 18:40

    Thanks for your interpretation...
    This part of the beach is sharp but the other side is really from the heaven...
    I may put the pictures later...

    PS: I wrote this comment under my own picture, I'm sorry...
  • Milos Villaris 22/09/2010 16:46

    Thank you. Actually they are not plants, they are mushrooms usually growing on old fireplaces. Diameter of eachone was about 4mm. Milos
  • Fons van Swaal 27/08/2010 11:39

    Very much appreciated.......;-))))
    Best regards,
  • Margaux Lux 18/08/2010 19:19

    i killed the worm because he wanted to eat my fruit :D :P no that was a joke i put him outside
  • MURALI SUBRAMONIAN 16/08/2010 16:57

    thankz a lot.........
  • Margaux Lux 16/08/2010 15:10

    haha the worm has just died :D
  • Margaux Lux 15/08/2010 18:01

    hi thank you very much for your comment on my photograph :)
    greetings margaux
  • Dave Keen 14/08/2010 18:37

    Thank you! I have a few more. lol
  • Dave Keen 14/08/2010 15:50

    Thanks for the review. This was really a quickie shot; ordinarily, I have more time to concentrate!
  • Jigora Man 14/08/2010 13:09

    Hi Robyn) Thanks for your attention and the warm words)
    Dreaming Cat
    Dreaming Cat
    Jigora Man
  • Sally Dunn 03/08/2010 20:41

    Thank you very much for your lovely comments.
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