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I am an analytical chemist by background and a technical marketing executive by profession.

I have always loved photography ever since I was a kid. Limited financial resources, however, have prevented me from pursuing this interest. With my modest resources now, I hope I can follow my dreams.

Currently concentrating on digital macro photography with my Olympus C765UZ but anything that catches my eyes and thoughts are also subjects that I surely will entertain & develop.

As an aspiring digital photographer, I would love to receive as much comments from you guys to improve my skills, evolve from there and cultivate my potentials. Keep your remarks coming as I am starving to get better!

Thank you so much for the warm welcome.

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  • Robert L. Roux 01/08/2005 16:14

    Welcome to fc, Darwin
    Your fotos are all excellent - I'll be watching for more ...
    Best regards from Canada - R
  • Luis Andres Hernandez 31/07/2005 18:02

    Thanks for your comments Darwin.
    Andres from Mexico
  • Eamon Lynch 25/07/2005 11:21

    Darwin thanks so much for the comment on the Deers your stuff is Beautiful keep at it mate I had a look. I'm very much like yourself its just a wonderful hobby to have
    Kind Regards and good luck..

  • Alejandro Figola 10/07/2005 17:02

    Thanks, Darwin for your comment. I saw your photos, and I can say that you really like nature.
    Greetings from Brazil (today, tomorrow in Buenos Aires). aff
    natural beauty
    natural beauty
    Alejandro Figola
  • Abdul Khaliq 09/07/2005 13:04

    Hi Darwin,
    Thanks for your kind comment on my pic.
    Your pics. are very nice. keep it up.
    Greetings - abdul
  • Arjun Kurpad 08/07/2005 17:17

    Hi Darwin,
    Thanks for the kind comment. I really liked "White and Pink". Simple, yet beautiful.

  • Kelly Harris 29/06/2005 22:02

    thanks for your comments on my photos... i enjoy your work as well.... look forward to seeing more pics from you
  • Tushar Patel 29/06/2005 3:03

    Hi Darwin,
    Thank you for your comment on my pic of orange rose "So Orangeeeee". Yours nand other members comments inspires me to get better picture.
    Thank u once again.
  • Arjun Kurpad 26/06/2005 13:18

    Thanks for the comments, Darwin. You have some very nice photos yourself.
  • Emi Satou 26/06/2005 4:10

    Hi! darwin!
    Thank you for comment. :)
    your flower photos are lovely.

    I use film cameras. That is analog colors,I think.

    best regards
  • Irma K. 25/06/2005 21:20

    hi darwin
    many thanks for your kind comment which we appreciate very much!
    your flower pics are very ice!
    best regards
  • Neil Auty 25/06/2005 9:49

    Hi Darwin

    nice couple of pics you have on show. What cam do you use?

    Any chance you can complete the info into your profile?


    Neil A
  • Julien Salut 23/06/2005 18:56

    Thanks for yours comments, Darwin
  • Bill Lang 22/06/2005 23:48

    Hi Darwin
    Thanks for your comments on Clematis.
    Greetings from Canada
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