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we travel extensively and we are passionate when it comes to photography and animals.
our main topics are

animals - of course ;-)
and our two dearly loved maine coon cats - boy and girl.

besides travel we care about animals and therefore we sponsor some animal projects around the globe because we think we are obliged to support organisations which care for endangered species and miserably treated animals.

we hope you enjoy what you see and we would be more than happy if we can assist with one or the other information on certain animal projects.

WELCOME to our account and enjoy!

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update 06 jan 2007
due to lack of time we have decided to concentrate on our .de-account and foremost publish our fotos there!

Comments 40

  • Irmi K. 1965 02/07/2008 18:35

    Hallo ! Good pictures....
  • Jonas Salmonsson 08/03/2007 9:50

    Thanks for your comment on the anteater picture. You have great pictures from Africa by the way :) Good work!
    Friendly regards Jonas
  • Robert L. Roux 17/04/2006 9:40

    frohe ostern Irma And Kai Keller -
    lg aus einen far-away heimat - r
  • Mark Johnston 20/02/2006 4:56

    Dear Irma,
    thank you for your kind comments. Caged King is actually a better story than it looks. This photograph was taken at a big cat sanctuary north of LA where they take in mistreated and ilegally kept cats for better care and rehab.
  • Bill Lang 31/12/2005 22:16

    Happy New Year
  • Rita VanDeemter 31/12/2005 21:42

    Irma regarding the cheetah photo:) the story underneath is not mine, it is copyed from the Spier site :) So as a visitor one believes what thy tell you at Spier. You only hope that the money does go to the foundation for the benefit of cheetahs.
    kind regards
  • Rita VanDeemter 31/12/2005 21:30

    thanks for you kind words and comment on my pictures.
    Have a very good new year Irma & Kai

    greetings, Rita
  • Cees Kuijs 02/09/2005 19:46

    Irma, thanks for all your kind comments

    Greetings, Cees
  • John Bennett 04/08/2005 21:28

    Thanks for you kind comments on "a summer walk" actually I was on my bike when I came across this scene. I've been experimenting with my polarizing Filter.
  • John Moore 29/07/2005 1:14

    As promised Irma & Kai.
  • Daniel A. Lara 27/07/2005 19:04

    Only a small part of this Hacienda is a hotel. The rest of it is like a museum you can visit anytime.
    I took this pic at the non-hotel area.
    Afternoon Labour
    Afternoon Labour
    Daniel A. Lara
  • John Bennett 25/07/2005 12:36

    Thanks for your comments On "High Force Teesdale" the colour in the water is caused by copper minerals.the steps on the right are a natural formation. Its rather calm at the Moment but after a heavy storm I would'nt be able to stand where I was when I took this picture.
  • Daniel A. Lara 24/07/2005 18:01

    You have to visit all the Maya zone.
    It is spectacular with all the ruins, the forest and the beaches...
    The Cross Temple
    The Cross Temple
    Daniel A. Lara
  • John Bennett 20/07/2005 21:37

    thanks for your kind words Erma. hope you had a good week-end.
  • Paulius Gvildys 09/07/2005 17:06

    Thansk a lot for support! :) Yours nice pics
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