yesterday, in the kitchen...

yesterday, in the kitchen...

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Remsi Remsen

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yesterday, in the kitchen...

I was urged to point this out in means of protection of minors. It TRUELY IS a fake.

thats what can happen to simple potatoes if some nerd has got a good peeler, a carving knife and a good Graphic editing Tool at hand! hehe

Das kann passieren, wenn ein Spinner einen guten Kartoffelschäler, ein Schnitzmesser, ein gutes Grafikbearbeitungsprogramm und ne merkwürdige Idee hat!

Zuerst einmal musst du Hunger auf Bratkartoffeln haben... Dann findest du während der Zubereitung selbiger das furchteinflößende Hackmesser deines chinesischen Mitbewohners, nimmst also 4 handelsübliche Kartoffeln, schnitzt sie in Form, schmierst 2fach konzentriertes, leicht klumpiges Tomatenmark auf Kartoffeln und Hackmesser, garnierst die Kartoffeln mit Zwiebelstückchen ("Nägel & Knochen"), legst dir fachgerecht einen Verband an und fummelst einhändig mit deiner Sony Mavica ein Bild zurecht. Dann zeigst du der Welt deine merkwürdige Art, Essen zuzubereiten... hehe ;)


You just want to eat some Fried Potatoes.... You find the "murderous" looking, impressive chopper (that one inspired me at last!!) of your chinese Roommate, take four simple Potatoes, carve them in shape, add some concentrated tomato puree to chopper and potatoes, garnish the latter with some pieces of onion ("nails" & "bones"), wrap your hand in a neat white gauze bandage...

tadaaaaa... take your Sony Mavica and show the world your strange point of view concerning food preparation ---> dont forget to smile!

(Digital Color and Contrast Adjustment, Additional Digital Fault Clearance)

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  • Gian Maria 03/12/2007 15:41

    My fingers are still safe! ;-)

  • Ioan Farcas 03/12/2005 15:28

    You should have put some blood on the bandage too...
    just for the sake of reality.
    Try it on the other hand! :)
  • Remsi Remsen 05/06/2005 0:00

    hey pierre!

    i am very interested in what exactly makes this pic that unbearable, to you. so please let me know when you find out! I will be all ears!!

    maybe you try to use the french words, just as a try. (had french classes for a couple of years). at last - if i dont get the sense - there will be someone reading this, understanding what you mean.

    Hey, you should go on with your german!

    life is a bitch...;)
    severely RR
  • Pierre Sorgniard Paris 04/06/2005 19:43

    Hi Rem. Thank you for your comment on my picture "Lady Piggy...".

    This one of yours is one of my favorite ones. Probably because it is very well done, and the effect is kind of schoking, almost unbearable, and makes me think about why. I liike pictures not easy to stand, and making ones regarrd inside them.

    Wish my German would be better to explain better. Till then, Danke Shön, Auf Wiedersehen.

  • Eve Prädelt 14/09/2004 19:33

    what an idea...oh no... I think it would look harder when you´ve take an bether finger-photo (die sind mir zu krisselig), but good crazy stuff.

  • Remsi Remsen 07/09/2004 3:35

    hey, joao! this can happen to you every day... again and again - till the end of time it its all right with you... ;)

    luckily there are marvellous hand surgeons who really do totally amazing things... some are for sure magicians. bring them diced meat salad and they will conjure your digits again

    life is a bitch... ;)
    severely RR
  • João M. C. Januário 07/09/2004 1:06

    Well, don't be sad! this could only happen once to you!
  • Olaf H.... 04/09/2004 10:07

    you seem to be confusing the strenght of the aterial contratction of both the ulnar and radial arteries with the mere presents of aterial blood supply.
    Ulnar and radial ateries branch of into various smaller ateries such as the common dgital ateries, the dorsal metacarpal ateries, the palmar metarcarpal arteries and so on.
    Capilleries start in the finger tips, aterial vessels supply the cappileries
    Cut a long story short... the picture lacks blood
  • Remsi Remsen 04/09/2004 2:53

    tss tss.... ok, call it a fault that i oversimplified that problem. I didnt count the thumb as a "finger" in the strict sense.
    but the 4 "normal" fingers of a hand dont have a pulse. thats why the medical personnel can feel the pulse of another person... because their fingers dont have a pulse of their own (thumb excluded).... so never try to feel ones pulse with your thumb... faux pas! ;)

    life still is a bitch... ;)
    severely RR
  • Olaf H.... 03/09/2004 18:45

    Not true, fingers have ateries as well and hence a pulse... but your thumb and index finger together and feel for yourself
  • Remsi Remsen 01/09/2004 12:22

    be sure!
    but hey, i think you know how hard it is to make any kind of fluid look like real blood? blood itself included! hehe

    just think of me as a marvellous paramedic, totally able to fix a wound without one single drop of blood spilt! :D
    And dont forget: fingers dont have a pulse.

    life is a bitch... ;)
    severely RR
  • Olaf H.... 01/09/2004 12:10

    It's pretty good, but lacking blood... the aterial blood supply to the fingers would cause quite a mess
  • Remsi Remsen 01/09/2004 12:02

    just two times... then you gotta use your toes anyway...

    hey people! let me know if there are things to change... does it look very artificial somewhere?

    life is a bitch... ;)
    severely RR
  • Olaf H.... 01/09/2004 10:39

    I hate when this happens to me :-)