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Souvenirs of my Galactic Journeys

Souvenirs of my Galactic Journeys

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Remsi Remsen

Free Member, Berlin

Souvenirs of my Galactic Journeys

Well, yea, i am the first real Tourist in Outer Space. If you also want to travel our nice universe, be sure to be well vaccinated!!!
I tell ya, for I wasn´t. This is what i got: Martian Maggots (left hand side), Venus Vesicae, Erythema migrans Epsilon Eridani, and well, those are merely the diseases of the outer head! I also got some inside... hehehe hohoho...
and then, ok, i have to admit, i lost some fist fights against a gang of Klingons (whoa, THAT really hurt!)

well yea, i confess, its a fake, too... i never travelled farther than New York City, but THAT was an adventure too! be sure that there is more extraterrestrial life in NYC than in the Milky way as a whole!! ;)


multi-sandwich technique, some brushing, some fading, some overlay. color adjustment - you know that stuff...

Comments 6

  • Glenn Capers 05/17/2012 17:36

    nice . in fact lets all make sure we don't use your travel agent :)
  • When 09/17/2005 17:07

    That's the worst Trekie abuse I've ever seen.
  • Amigo Zomtec 10/07/2004 18:27

    ...2 of their 5 genders....lol....i love it...
  • Remsi Remsen 09/20/2004 13:04

    ahh, you dont say so! what did you think! ask the gnaarghs of orion. when i passed their belt lately, 2 of their 5 genders were stalking me!!! it was helluva mess, man! you know what i mean?!

    life is a bitch...;)
    severely RR
  • Remsi Remsen 09/01/2004 12:30

    yes, that´s me, Anna skowronek... i totally agree

    hm, i guessed that it was too much... work on it for some time and you simply loose candor. its sad, ack!
    but yea, i did several shots of those bug holes... i can try it that way!
    my first "disease" anyway. lets get some more! hehe

    life is a bitch... ;)
    severely RR
  • Anna Skowronek 09/01/2004 12:23

    it's done very well, but i think i'd like it more if there was only this HOLE on the right check.
    is that you, Remsi Remsen?