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View from an Ice Cave, Mer de Glace

View from an Ice Cave, Mer de Glace

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View from an Ice Cave, Mer de Glace

The Chamonix Ice Cave, or Grotto, is carved into the massive Mer de Glace
Glacier, the largest in France, a short train ride from Chamonix. (*)

To give some context, while located among the most imposing of the French Alps, that is
not a mountain they are looking at, but rather the glacier's towering walls of ice and rock.

From a film image taken in 1994. The current spell of oppressively hot and humid conditions in the eastern U.S.
led to my seeking out some cooler - and less humid - moments not as yet worked up. So, this is its first appearance.

©2022 Steve Ember

Steve Ember

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  • Twin O Caulin 16/06/2022 21:28

    These are light conditions that are very difficult to manage. The background, with qualities of a high-key image, blends nicely into the well-lit left side of the end of the tunnel, whereas the dark sides of the tunnel anticipiate some of the structures in the light. Well done!
    • Steve Ember 16/06/2022 22:09

      Thank you, Twin, for keying in on what I was so pleased to see in the negative for this image. 
      I have to think that the latitude of film allowed this dynamic range to come through intact where digital might have been more of a "struggle" without a lot of manipulation. Of course, as film was my only option in 1994, there was no opportunity to compare ;-)
      Thanks as always for your visits and insightful comments.
      - Steve
    • Twin O Caulin 16/06/2022 22:12

      You're very welcome. It's always a pleasure to have a closer look at good photography. :)
  • claudine capello 16/06/2022 10:26

    dommage que ce soit en noir et blanc sinon c est un beau cliché! bravo cl