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Trip to the Yellow Forest.

Trip to the Yellow Forest.

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Alex Padre

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Trip to the Yellow Forest.

Some things small to our sight is actually big to others. I wonder if we also look small to some other being? Are we really the one looking from above or is there something else. For all we know we might be just a speck in the universe... The universe... might still be the speck and we are insignificant?........ :)

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  • John Bennett 28/10/2005 11:22

    We are insignificant, Alex, there is a whole lot of space out there with no end. So vast we are not even insigificant any longer know body knows we are here, it makes one feel very lonely and I just don't understand the people on this precious planet of ours who insist on continuing life with so much rage in thier hearts. Your beautiful picture shows how delicate that strand can be and is only to ready to snap in the near future.
    Now I have got that of my chest,your picture is guite delightful.Well done.
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 28/10/2005 4:50

    wow ! wonderful colours Alex.
    My love is botanical,and you are right not perfectly sharp but very eye catching.
    love this photo
    jaime :)